Cotton, Hutchinson Declared Winners In Arkansas Senate And Governor Races

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ARKANSAS (KFSM) – Shortly after Election Day polls closed Tuesday night, CNN called Republican Tom Cotton the winner in his U.S. Senate race against Democrat incumbent Mark Pryor.

CNN also called Republican governor’s candidate Asa Hutchinson as the winner in his campaign against Democrat Mike Ross.

Heading into Tuesday, Republicans needed a net gain of six Senate seats to take over Congress’ upper chamber.

Former Rogers mayor Steve Womack (R-Ark.) was declared the winner in his U.S. House of Representatives campaign against Libertarian candidate Grant Brand for Arkansas' Third District, according to the Associated Press. Womack leads early voting numbers 83 percent to 17 percent.

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  • The "Real" Elaphas

    Turn out the lights…the party’s over LIBERALS!!! HA!!! Bye bye Mark Pryor! See ya Mike Ross! Nice try Slick Willie! You lose KFSM! My work is done here. Peace out!!!

  • Loveitorleaveit

    Arkansas will still remain poor , hungry, and drunk. I voted for Bush. I voted for cotton picking Tom Cotton. I voted for gun toting Asa Hutchinson too. Bet you fools money Arkansas will still be last in everything for the next 100 years. Bring it on.

    • Arnold fudpucker

      And you base this attitude on what? Can’t be the conservative repubs, the dems have had their way for decades. Looks like the ignorance resides more in yourself than anything else.

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