Arkansas Voters Reject Statewide Alcohol Sales

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LITTLE ROCK (KTHV) - Arkansas voters rejected a proposed constitutional amendment that would have made it legal to sell alcohol in all 75 counties, KTHV reported.

Supporters of the proposal had argued that Arkansas' current patchwork of wet and dry counties is outdated and that legalizing sales everywhere would boost local economies. Opponents of the measure said alcohol sales should be decided at the local level, according to KTHV.

Opponents spent much more than supporters in the campaign, with a majority of the money coming from liquor stores in wet counties, KTHV reported.

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  • ehhh

    Of course the majority of the funds to oppose this came from wet counties and there liquor stores. I enjoyed seeing the giant sign in front of Shamrock liquor telling people to vote against this. I bet Shamrock Liquor spent more than half of the money accumulated in advertisement to vote against this. They’d lose the money coming in from Crawford and surrounding counties. It’s amazing how narrow and closed minded people can be around here. I live in Van Buren for one and I would much rather see tax dollars from liquor sales be put to use here in OUR Town and County rather than Fort Smith and Sebastian County. If you’re not bright enough to understand that regardless of you voting against a proposition like this will not keep people from buying it and bring it across the bridge than you need to wake up. People will continue to keep buying it out of town/of the County. So you’re not doing any good feeling like you’re keeping our town/County alcohol free.

    In my opinion this is the same as allowing the lottery to come into Arkansas. People whined and griped about it for years, it finally gets passed and guess what? We the people of Arkansas reaped the benefits of it by supporting a ton of scholarships.

    But I’m wasting my time typing.

    • unbelievable

      You can bet a lot of Fort Smith money went into the ads against this. They let Barling spend money for a special election and then waited to see if it passed and when it did they then brought out some archaic law that kept Barling from selling it. Barling needs to tax dollars to grow but the worthless scum running Fort Smith did offer to annex the piece of land where th strip mall is going so THEY could put a liquor store there. Fort Smith also does not want Greenwood to be able to sell alchohol. Greenwood can forget about ever getting and descent eating establishments as long as Fort Smith controls the alcohol in Sebastian County.

  • ehhh

    Hmmm, looks like more votes have been tallied since this article was released….

    Yes 467,577 57%
    > No 354,985 43%

    • JJ

      471,884 No’s 57%
      351,224 Yes’s 43%
      97% of precincts reporting.. maybe you should go back and look at the election results again.

  • huh

    How could it be rejected when there are clearly more votes for it than against it when looking at the election results?

  • Michael

    “we told big government where to go”….no what you told was where the tax dollars for your roads, schools, police and fire and other services to go….to other counties….oh and to the liquor stores that are raking it in because they don’t have competition. Just try driving across the midland bridge from VB to Fort Smith at 5:30…its a complete traffic jam. But Boy you really showed them…

  • Jake

    Way to go Arkansas. To oppose this issue makes absolutely no sense to me. If this would have passed, each county would be able to bring in more revenue that is otherwise lost with the way it is structured now. If each county has the ability to sell alcohol, you will decrease the number of drunk drivers on the road since the people who are going to get alcohol regardless wouldn’t have to drive great distances to get it. Cigarettes are sold all over. Does that mean you have to get any? NO! Absolutely stupid.

  • mack

    Meh I’ll just pack a cooler like always if i have to travel through the backwards parts of this state. Fortunately I live in a wet county, and with a short drive can buy booze on Sunday like the rest of the civilized world.

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