Washington County Judge Candidates Await Polling Results

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WASHINGTON COUNTY (KFSM) - Incumbent Judge Marilyn Edwards is facing Republican Jeff Williams for the County Judge seat.

“I feel very good [about the election],” Edwards said. “The people have always been very kind, and considerate, of me. And, I work very hard for them. So, I feel very comfortable.”

“We are feeling pretty good about [the election],” Williams said. “We have done a lot of work in this election, and preparing for this day, putting together mailers, and phone calls, and knocking on doors.”

Williams says he has been campaigning through the final hours of Election Day (Nov. 4.)

“We’ve mainly tried to cover as many of the polling location as we can,” Williams said. “Especially [at] the larger polling locations, where we know there is going to be a large number of voters.”

Edwards says she has been campaigning vigorously as well.

“I think [campaigning] went fine,” Edwards said. “What I do is work all day, and I do a lot of stuff at night, and did a lot of going on the weekends.”

Both candidates say they do not believe rainy weather will impact their chances at being elected.

“The light rain, I’m sure, has caused a few people to stay home,” Williams said. “But, I still think we are looking at a good turn out on this election.”

“I do not think it is going to impact the election at all,” Edwards said. “Because, we had so many voting sites.”

Voters have until 7:30 on election night (Nov. 4) to cast their ballot.