Working Moms: Hazel’s Haven

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Every week this month, we’re learning local business from women whose first job starts at home. In this working moms segment, we learn how a Fort Smith mother-daughter duo juggle running a fashion boutique while putting family first.

On any given day, you’ll find three generations in Hazel’s Haven.

“I’m very much following after my mom,” co-owner Meagan Matlock said.

Matlock opened the business with her mom Cathy Tinder, also known as Momo to Matlock’s three-year-old daughter, Haven.

"'I loved being a stay at home mother, but I still had that desire to do this store and to get back out there again,” Matlock said.

Matlock’s mission was to have the best of both worlds as a working mother.

“I was terrified in the beginning,” Matlock said. “I think we all have that self-doubt. You have to have help, and it’s ok to ask for help because you can’t do it all.”

While Matlock helps customers, Momo perhaps has the most important role in helping run the store, keeping Haven.

“Getting to spend time with my granddaughter is just beyond a dream,” said.

While most people see Matlock dressed head to toe in the hottest trends, she said she still dresses down, especially at home.

'People I think think that I just go to bed in heels and make-up and I don't,” Matlock laughed. “I don`t girl. I dress down and bum around like the best of them.”

She says it is important for women to feel good about themselves, and helping customers feel that way is why she loves going to work every day.

“I just try to teach people you can come in here and we can tweak things,” Matlock said. “Now with the styles, it’s like anything goes.”

She's a successful Fort Smith business owner, who has managed to make all her dreams come true.

“It comes with a lot of hard work and you have to be dedicated and you have to have that drive and that passion,” Matlock said.

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  • Amazed

    I have no problem thinking it is ok for moms to work outside the home. What I do have problems with is when I hear some of these moms think it is ok to leave the kids somewhere other than day care and not offer to pay that person anything for keeping their kids. These kids still have to eat something at the home of the person keeping them, and use the water, and other items in the home. Working moms think about this and at least offer a “thank you” to the person keeping your children so you can pursue your dreams

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