Registered Sex Offender Moving Into Crawford County, Officials Say

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CRAWFORD COUNTY (KFSM) – A level-three sex offender will soon be moving into Crawford County, officials say.

David L. Davis, 29, was paroled from the Arkansas Department of Correction on Oct. 29, and he will be moving into Natural Dam north of Cedarville, according to Crawford County Prosecuting Attorney Marc McCune.

He will be living in the 15000 block of Peaceful Home Loop, McCune said. Davis was convicted in 2009 on a computer child pornography charge, according to McCune.

A total of 14 registered sex offenders reside in Crawford County, not counting Davis, according to records from the Arkansas Crime Information Center.

Davis has a four leaf clover tattoo on his forehead between his eyes.


  • Sara

    WHY is this news? EVERY community has dozens or hundreds of sickos in it, this is just one more and this one just happened to get caught.

    • unbelieveable

      It is so people in the area will know to keep their kids away from him if they live near him. I personally think their faces should be on a billboard in the middle of town so everyone can remember their faces

  • unbelieveable

    They should give the exact address and the name of the sorry people that are letting him live with them!

  • Objectivefodder

    Well, you sheep easily overreact. Let’s be clear about something you didn’t know. Even though we’re inundated with our minds and attention being drawn to locals such as this who partake of illegal virtual pornography, there are folks in high places who have privilege and are just as guilty who’re never been tried and convicted in a court of law. Keep that in mind the next time you put your “judgment cap” on. Sure, disdain and “outright” rage (with disgust) should be expected for humans who observe otherwise societal illegal sexual media regarding minors….but…

  • Objectivefodder

    …but shouldn’t we be equally outraged when law enforcement and military personnel partake of the same? How ironic some men in society are tried and convicted, yet others who hold positions of authority with respectful public service don’t. So ask yourself, is justice really fair? Dateline Friday 23 July 2010 “Dozens of Pentagon staff and contractors with high-level security clearance have been found by US federal investigators to have downloaded child pornography.” Wake up y’all. Hypocrisy abounds. (see links below)

    • mrmakeitworse

      I bet I can hit the center of the clover at 400 yards out with 16 miles an hour wind coming out of the north. Put that in your lap bag with your opinions. Anybody with tats like that has no respect but for themselves or pleasure for themselves and don’t give a shit about anybody else but themselves. I have a cure for that. Keep it short and to the point.

      • objectivefodder

        Be my guest my friend, but while you’re at it, won’t you target your brothers in Government who’ve been alleged to have broken the same laws. Since Channel 5 is active at censoring, my links aren’t available, so I’ll simply say this, Google CP found on Assistant U.S. Attorney’s computer, Pentagon workers found to have downloaded CP, Deputy Los Angeles City Attorney Arrested with CP, Former government official convicted on CP, et cetera…do that, won’t you? Carry on sheep. I dare you to research the Hypocrisy.

      • mrmakeitworse

        I will. Thanks for that. We might be able to turn some heads in the right direction. And don’t call me a Sheep. I will show you what a ram is my friend.

    • somepeopleareclueless

      What makes you think we’re not? They are all in the same category if you ask me I DON’T CARE WHAT KIND OF JOB THEY HAVE!!!

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