Solution To Scott County Ballot Error Uncertain

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MANSFIELD (KFSM)-Two days after three Mansfield City Council Candidates were left off the ballot in Scott County, the election coordinator said a special election to fix the problem may not happen.

Voting records show Nathan Sterling won the Sebastian County Portion of the Mansfield City Council Race with 63-percent of the vote.

“[With] Scott County not having any information at all, no possible votes, I guess I really don't know what the outcome could be,” Sterling said.

Like his opponents Tyna Martin and Christie Salmeron, Sterling wants a special election because their names were not listed on the Scott County ballot.

Mansfield lies in both Sebastian and Scott County, meaning voters from both sides are able to vote in at-large city elections.

“I feel like we should have a re-election because that's truly what's fair,” Sterling said.

The election commission chairman Dayman Cook said he’s been advised by legal counsel not to comment on camera, but told 5NEWS, “We made an honest mistake, and we’re sorry.”

“At this point the mistake has happened, you know it's out there and they probably weren't sure what to do,” Sterling said.

While no definite decision has been made, Cook said a special election may not be held because of the high cost to taxpayers and the likelihood of a low voter turnout.

"Scott County should be in on it too,” Jimmy Ballaw, voter said.

But resident Wayne Turner said a special election isn’t worth the effort.

“One little vote, a runoff most the time I just don't think they would [come out and vote],” he said.

Cook said he asked the Secretary of State if the county can even add the missing race to an upcoming runoff election, but was told that wouldn’t be possible, and there’s nothing the state can do to help.

Cook said the issue is in the hands of the county prosecutor, who’s reviewing the case; however, no legal action has yet been taken.