Uber Not Authorized In Fayetteville But May Be Allowed in Little Rock

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) – Ride-sharing company Uber may be operating without authorization in Fayetteville, but the company does have a chance of being authorized to operate in Little Rock, officials say.

Fayetteville City Attorney Kit Williams said in September Uber is not authorized to run in Fayetteville because it is a taxi service and doesn’t have the proper permits.

Despite Uber’s situation in Fayetteville, the company may have more luck in the state capital. Little Rock officials have written an ordinance that would allow Uber to operate within city limits, but it hasn’t been passed yet, and the ordinance isn’t scheduled to be discussed at the next Little Rock City Council meeting, according to KTHV.

The ride-sharing company started operating in Little Rock this week, even without the ordinance being approved, KTHV reported.

A total of six vehicles were available through the service on Thursday (Nov. 6), according to KTHV.

Uber launched in Fayetteville in August, but the Fayetteville Police Department started ticketing drivers since the service was unauthorized to operate within city limits.

Since Uber launched in Fayetteville, a total of six tickets have been issued to five different drivers, police said. The most recent citation was issued on Oct. 4, according to police.

Uber, despite being unauthorized to do so, decided to keep operating in Fayetteville and to support its drivers who were being ticketed. On Sept. 17, an internal email was sent to Uber drivers in Fayetteville stating that the company was offering full financial restitution for any tickets issued as a result of operating in the city limits.