What You Need To Know: Getting Your House Ready For Cold Weather

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) - In the next few days, temperatures will drop below freezing, and homeowners may be wondering what they can do to stay ahead of the game, and prepare their house for winter.

Heating and cooling specialist Eric Schein said the first thing homeowners need to do is to make sure the area around their heater and air conditioner is clear. He said simply picking up dead leaves around the outside units can help prevent a clog later.

"The coils on both the air conditioner and indoor in the house need to be free of obstruction, because if we get a bunch of grass, leaves and debris that are out here, it doesn't allow the air to flow," Schein said.

He said dirty air filters could cause the heat to turn off. He recommends changing the filter on the furnance every one to three months,to prevent something more serious from happening.

"You have a lot of debris and hair and things inside here that actually start falling down onto those heat strips, yes you can actually create a fire inside an electric furnace," Schein said.

The owner of Complete Comfort said taking a look at the insulation in a home is also important. He said bare spots and discoloration is a problem, and could affect the walls and pipes staying warm. To prevent pipes from bursting in freezing temperatures, Schein said homeowners should leave a faucet on at a slow rate, so water is continously moving through pipes.

He said most of the preparation for winter is just walking around the home and looking at duct work, insulation and pipes. He said any holes or tears in duct work could be an indication that animals have gotten into a homeowner's crawlspace.

"Make sure the animals didn't get into any of your equipment, and make sure that's taken care of," Schein said.

He said it's also important to check indoor vents, to make sure they are clear and dust free so air can flow through. To find out tips on how to save money this winter on your heating bill, click here.

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    Not mentioned but very simple, and important, disconnect all hoses from outside faucets. With the hose attached, even “frost free” faucets can freeze

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