Asa Hutchinson Speaks At Veterans Day Assembly

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM)- Governor-elect Asa Hutchinson made his first public appearance since Election Day at Southwest Junior High in Springdale for the 22nd Annual Veterans Day Assembly on Monday (Nov. 10).
"This is home to me and to be here at Southwest Junior High talking about veterans and their service to this country is very meaningful to me," Hutchinson, who graduated from Springdale High School in 1968, said.
The speakers included Floyd Buffington, a Korean War POW and his friend Bailey Houston, a World War II veteran. The students also heard from one of six Navy Seals in Arkansas, who also served in the Springdale Police Department.
"The kids are really good, over the years, they have just been great," Buffington said. "They just absolutely listen to us and you do not see a lot of twitching and yawning. It isn't just an hour out of school for an assembly. I think they appreciate us. I hope they do. We appreciate them. They are the future of our country."Civics teacher Walter Benson said for the past week students have been researching and learning about veterans.

"Even though it is been a number of years for some of these men since their service, these men actually break down and you can see their emotions just flowing from their inner being as they relive those memories," Benson said. "I think this has the greatest impact on the students."

Benson said this event is very special for the veterans as well.

"We have three or four letters that have been written by our students, so that when the veterans sit down, they can personally read the hand written letters," Benson said. "I think that has the biggest impact on the veterans."