Governor-Elect Asa Hutchinson Plans For First Days In Office

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM)- Republican Governor-elect Asa Hutchinson outlined his plans for his first days in office Monday (Nov. 10) after his first public appearance since Election Day.

Hutchinson made a visit to Southwest Junior High in Springdale for the 22nd Annual Veterans Day Assembly where he spoke to students about veterans and their service.

Hutchinson will be sworn in as governor of Arkansas in January 2015, taking over the office of Democratic Governor Mike Beebe.

Hutchinson said he has already met with Governor Beebe and put together a transition team from across the state. He said his first order of business as governor will be the state budget.

"Under our system, Governor Beebe submits a budget," Hutchinson said. "But I am going to review it in its totality so, I want to start that process. [Governor Beebe] is doing what he needs to do, but we have got different factors to put into the budget."

Hutchinson said he will also review all the agency directors during his first few weeks in office to decide who he will keep and what changes need to be made. He also said he plans for his governorship to be innovative and bold.

"People elected us to govern," Hutchinson said. "Not simply to do things as they have always been done, but to take a fresh look at things and we are going to be thoughtful about it."

Hutchinson also asked Arkansans to be patient as he transitions into the role of governor.


  • arnold fudpucker

    It appears Hutchinson is laying the groundwork to take over “when the time comes”. What do you want him to do shove Beebe out of the way before his term is over!
    Dick, you sound like a sore loser.

    • arnold fudpucker

      You libs always think you are smarter than everyone else. Got news for you Whorace, you are legend… only in your own mind and your own mind is small and wrong all at the same time.
      You sound like a sore loser as well.

      • Lin Frank

        I’m not liberal but a PROGRESSIVE…say it with me….and never would vote for this guy..we know what he’s AGAINST but what is he for? you suckers in ARKANSAS will get exactly what you voted for NOTHING

      • Lin Frank

        let’s talk about SORE LOSER…you REPUBLICONS have been sore losers since 2008…sore loser my butt…ONCE AGAIN…being the hypocrites you always are…BRING ON

  • Beachbumct

    wasn’t this the scumbag that was the republican drug czar responsible for destroying so many lives for the use of recreational marijuana??…

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