5NEWS Fit: Sparks Opens Nutrition Counseling Center

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Rather than use a workout to get healthy, why not try education?

Nutrition can help your overall well-being, not to mention your figure. Dietitians said nutrition is not so much a diet, but a healthy lifestyle.

In September, Sparks Health System opened the Nutrition Counseling Center in Fort Smith. The program helps patients manage their health and nutritional needs in an outpatient setting. Patients will have one-on-one time with a dietitian to develop an individual nutrition plan. They'll also learn things like portion control and how nutrition affects overall health.

"No food is off limits," Dietitian Kelley Frost said. "Everything is okay. Everything is moderation and portion control and just eating the appropriate amount for your weight. "

Nutrition Education Coordinator, Sarah Evans, said the counseling center was greatly needed in the area.

"It wasn't available to anyone and at this point it is," Evans said.

The program helps patients not only manage, but prevent disease and improve quality of life through nutrition.

The center is located at 818 Lexington Avenue. Clients can be referred by their primary care physicians or call (479) 441-4183 to schedule a nutrition appointment. Insurance coverage will be determined prior to visit.