Arkansas Highway Department Better Prepared For This Winter

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Arkansas-Missouri State Line 2013

LITTLE ROCK (KTHV)- According to officials with the Arkansas Highway Department, they have learned from the mistakes made during last year’s frigid temperatures and record snowfall.

State highway spokesperson, Danny Straessle, said the department is better equipped than ever.

“It’s the largest single purchase of salt that we’ve made, 12,000 tons of it [is] ready to go.” Straessle said. “We haven’t stopped thinking about winter weather since last season and so throughout the summer we’ve made a lot of changes, upgrades, and improvements as to what we’re going to do this winter weather season.”

Straessle said the department spent $18 million last year on snow and ice removal, but it has increased the budget since then.

“We have new trucks, we’re using more salt and we’re looking to increase our employee population by about 200 this year,” Straessle said.

According to Straessle, the department admits it came up short last year with aging equipment and less effective road clearing methods.

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Video courtesy: KTHV