Hold On Gay Marriages In Kansas Lifted By Supreme Court

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KANSAS (HUFFINGTON POST) – Gay marriages can move forward in Kansas thanks to a decision from The Supreme Court, according to the Huffington Post.

On Nov. 12, the court denied the state’s request to stop all gay couples from getting married while Kansas continues to fight the subject in court, the Huffington Post reported.

“A federal district judge last week blocked the state from enforcing its ban, saying it was in keeping with an earlier ruling by the federal appeals court that oversees Kansas that struck down bans in Oklahoma and Utah,” the Huffington Post reported.

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  • Richard S. Drake

    Get rid WHICH people, oh person without the integrity to use their real name?
    And just how might you “get rid” of such people?
    Ban them?
    Rid libraries of any and all books which have inspired liberals? Complain every time a cable channel shows a movie which shows liberal values in action?

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