LeFlore County Deputy Remembers K9 Partner

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POTEAU (KFSM) -- A LeFlore County Sheriff's Office K9 deputy died Monday (Nov. 10).

Anor was a 10-year-old German Shepherd who worked side-by-side with Sgt. Jason Robertson for three years. The K9 lived also with Robertson and his family.

"[He was a] constant companion," Rebekah, Robertson's wife, said. "They would load up just to go to town. [If] Jason had to go run to the store real quick, Anor would go with him. Just to go."

Anor was trained in detecting drugs and served the Sheriff's Office for eight-and-a-half years. During his time there, he also helped find escaped inmates and missing people.

"Whether it be getting drugs off the street, or help find somebody--  it's important," Jason's wife said. "It might not happen every day, but it happens and it makes a difference."

Robertson said Anor's biggest accomplishment-- more than locating escaped inmates or tracking down drugs-- was spending time with children at school on days where officers showed students how dogs help them do their job.

"I think knowing that he does a job, and that he's not this big, bad, scary thing-- he's gentle and he's loving. I think that was the best," Robertson said.

Robertson decided to retire Anor in 2013 because he had hip dysplasia, which eventually got so bad it made it impossible for the dog to walk.

The Robertsons held a private burial for Anor and they plan to make a plaque with Anor's badge on it to put on the mantle of their fireplace.

"He was definitely a part of our family," Robertson said.

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    My condolences Sgt Robertson. I know firsthand how difficult it is when you lose a partner that is also a family member.

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