Salvation Army Opens Its Warming Stations

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM)- For the first time since the cold temperatures moved in this Fall, the Salvation Army opened its warming centers.

There's a warming center on 15th street in Fayetteville and another one on I street in Bentonville. Its open to anyone who needs it, from someone who's homeless to another person whose heater might not be working.

Temperatures Wednesday overnight (Nov. 12) were in the 20s. However, with the wind chill it felt in the teens.

The warming stations open at night when temperatures drop below 39 degrees, said Major N.J. Pope, area commander for Northwest Arkansas. If it's below 23 degrees when the sun comes up, it will remain open during the day, he said.

"We'll end up with 75-80 in this one shelter and then about another 50-60 in the one in Bentonville," Pope said. "We try to take care of as many as we can and so far we haven't had any that we hadn't had room for."

The Salvation Army has cots and blankets available. They also have coats of all sizes, Pope said. They receive donations throughout the year.

"If we got a coat and they've got someone who doesn't have a coat and it's cold outside, we give them a coat," Pope said.

Pope said when the warming station opens, they spend a lot more on water, electricity and food. They are always looking for donations to help during the cold weather months.