Cat That Bit Sallisaw Child Has Rabies, Police Say

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SALLISAW, Okla. (KFSM) – A cat that bit a child in Sallisaw, Okla., over the weekend tested positive for rabies Wednesday, according to the Sallisaw Police Department.

"A giant cat just jumped on my leg and I started shaking it," said Dylan Kennedy.

Police released a statement Thursday about the case and warned residents to be aware of strays and wildlife. They also warned not to leave pet food outdoors and to vaccinate pets.

"I got about 10 shots total," Kennedy said. "I got six around the bite and four on my limbs. I do not want to get scratched or bitten again."

Sallisaw police on Sunday responded to a call at the Four Seasons addition concerning a cat that attacked and bit a child. Officers noted the cat was acting strange and fought instead of running away.

The cat was captured and sent to state officials for testing. Police were notified Wednesday the cat had tested positive for rabies.

Anyone seeing local animals acting strangely is urged to contact animal control officials or the Sallisaw Police Department at 918-775-4142.

See more about the situation in the above video by reporter Aubry Killion.


  • unbelievable

    We have people in our neighborhood that feed the strays. They don’t seem to understand why we do not want them hanging around. Not only do the strays breed out of control they carry a lot of diseases. I worry about walking my dogs when I see 5 cats peeking out of the storm drain hissing at us.

  • Mark Smith

    Journalism? “Officers noted the cat was acting strange and fought instead of running away.” Another example of how Arkansas is 48th in the Country in Education

  • Harve Morgan

    Feral cats are not just a nuisance, they jeopardize public health. Yet there is a movement, TNR, that wants to release feral cats back into the community. TNR is not rescue, real and true rescuers would never leave cats outside. A No. California 8 year old girl contracted rabies from a feral cat, and by some miracle, she survived. TNR is the ultimate cruelty, cruel to cats, and cruel to those living around the colonies. In LA, a feral cat colony was the culprit for many children at a day care center to become ill and be taken to the hospital. TNR is nothing more than outside hoarding.

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