Senator Criticizes UA Chancellor Over Letter Written To Chamber On Ordinance 119

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) – A state senator took to Twitter this week to criticize the University of Arkansas chancellor for a letter he wrote to the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce on the civil rights ordinance in Fayetteville.

Sen. Bart Hester, R-Cave Springs, sent out four tweets on Wednesday (Nov. 12) critical of Chancellor G. David Gearhart after he wrote a letter to the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce asking it to rescind its recent action against Ordinance 119.

Through a university spokesman, Gearhart said on Thursday (Nov. 12) he doesn’t have a Twitter account, hasn’t seen Hester’s tweets and has no comment on the issue.

After opponents gathered 5,714 signatures in a petition drive, the ordinance, passed in August by the Fayetteville City Council, was placed on a special election ballot to be voted on by the public Dec. 9.

The ordinance prohibits local businesses and entities from discriminating against customers and others based on gender, race, sexual orientation, gender identity and other factors. On Nov. 7, the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce adopted a resolution stating it supports the repeal of the ordinance.

In one tweet, Hester says the University of Arkansas and Gearhart are using tax dollars to “support preventing pastors from practicing free religion.”

In his Nov. 10 letter, Gearhart  says he should have been included, as an ex-officio board member, in the discussion about the chamber’s opposition to the ordinance.

“The failure to include all ex-officio members in the discussion contributes to the perception that the board operated under a veil of secrecy and was opposed to any divergent views,” Gearhart said.

In another tweet, Hester says Gearhart and the University of Arkansas are using tax money to put the “preference of an adult over the safety of a child.”

The state senator wrapped up his tweets by saying Gearhart’s 2015 budget for the University of Arkansas hadn’t been approved yet. “I cannot support #neveryield,” a tweet states.

The Legislature meets again in Little Rock in January.

Hester also says in a tweet that Gearhart’s stance on the ordinance indicates he supports a “grown man sharing a public bathroom” with a 7-year-old girl.

To read Gearhart’s letter to the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce, click here. 



  • JEK

    They City of Fayetteville is playing with fire! as a Business Owner, I should have the RIGHT! to whom I sell my goods to. Those off Color Folks, Chose to come to Fayetteville!! If they don’t like it MOVE! this is suppose to be a FREE COUNTRY! There are plenty of Communities that welcome their kind, I should not be FORCED TO ACCEPT THEIR LIFESTYLE.

    • Rainbows for Jesus

      So your Christianity is insulted because you can’t persecute Gays? Tell me again where in the Bible Jesus said it was OK?

    • Gail

      So what exactly is your business, name and everything? I seriously never want to use your service for anything, and I reserve the right not to have to give my money to an ill educated turd. I am not LGBT, but I would rather not employ the services of any business that refuses to serve my friends who are.

      • Japser

        Great. if everyone like your thinking then just ask Business to post a sign and customers who disagree can move on and leave. case closed. why should we need this law for?

      • Get Real

        If you reserve the right to patronize a business because of their beliefs or actions, why can’t you give the same right to churches and businesses? Or are rights and freedoms only for those who believe as you do?

      • Gail

        Get Real – A business is a service. A service generally used by the owner to make money. I question the ideals of any business owner who would turn down business based on their religious beliefs. It sounds like bad business practices to me, and a good way to go out of business. Now, I can base my decisions on using the services on my opinion of what I receive for my financial output. IE; Is this worth my money? Example: I go out for pizza, it tasted like cardboard. I will not return.

        Likewise, most businesses can reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Example: I go out to for pizza, I am not wearing shoes. They can ask me to leave for sanitary, liability, public health, etc reasons.

        As for beliefs. I am Pagan. I go to many christian owned stores. I see the little Jesus fish, I walk by and ignore them as they have no relevancy to me. But clearly people like JEK would not want me in their place of business to start with, being Pagan and all, I am probably one of “Those Off Color Folks” he or she mentioned. It does not show on the outside, I do not walk around with an upside down cross strapped to my back, I don’t talk about it often, and quite frankly I don’t see that it has any relevancy on where I spend my money. The same goes for many of the people who would be protected by this ordinance.

        So, you don’t want to serve gays? How can you tell? You may have someone come in every day to get lunch, and never know they are homosexual until they come in with a partner and are being cuddly. So you don’t want to serve people who are transgender? Not always easy to tell either. Sometimes yes, but I have met some very effeminate and lovely men, and some very handsome and masculine women. Some were transgender, some were just comfortable not being confined to traditional gender rolls. Personally I just finished re-grouting a shower and changing the spark plugs on a car. Both of which are considered traditional male roles. But I like working with my hands, so I do it.

        We are all “Off Color” to someone. Refusing someone a service based on what you think they might be doing at home in their own bedroom is not only bad business practice it is just outright silly. If someone wants to go out of business that badly, I will be happy to accommodate them by not patronizing their organization. As for churches, I don’t go to one anyway, and if i did would I have to go to them all or i might be discriminating against all but one. Should I just shuffle around and visit a new one each week? That is really just a matter of personal preference on what is the better service vs bigotry to people who you dislike what they have in their pants and what they do with it. Which is very personal, and has nothing to do with how much money you have in your wallet.

        Jasper – If businesses would do that, it would help, but most will not. No one knows that they have these beliefs until they are shown. And in many cases the person who is on the receiving end will be too upset or degraded or made to feel wrong for being who they are. They will not tell people about it. So there is no way to know that the business owner is a bigoted asshat until it is too late. But this law is made to protect people who are different in inconsequential ways from what is considered normal. And the truth is, that those small differences are being used to treat them as second class citizens. It is wrong is so many ways, and yet so many people support it. Normal is very overrated.

    • Mark

      What business do you own.. Man up.. Answer the question.. Isn’t honesty part of your bible? Or are you to chicken shit to disclose which bigoted business you own??

      • Get Real

        The business is probably not named because cowards, loudmouths, and fanatics like you, Mark, would vandalize the business, however and whenever you could. Anyone who disagrees with your morals and beliefs, or lack thereof, must be destroyed, right? Why are you and your ilk so afraid of a vote? Is it because you know you will lose in the court of public opinion?

      • JEK

        one thing you will know Bucko, I’m Man enough to stand up FOR MY RIGHTS while all you can do is whine and cry about how mistreated you are! GROW UP LITTLE BOY!

      • Mark

        Get Real- you sound like a scared little girl.. We may vandalize the business??Get real yourself.. If you’re so proud to be ignorant bigots then man up and answer the question!!

    • Michael Skrocki

      You are a poor excuse for a human being. Have you or the senator heard of civil or equal rights? This is not the confederacy, and gays and blacks are not inferior. Wake up. It’s 2014.

  • Slick Willy

    Gearhart is just another liberal hack. There’s a reason the donkey is the democrat party mascot. Can you say jacka**?

  • Richard S. Drake

    Yeah, the Chamber – the folks who wanted cameras removed from City Hall in the early 1990s. They will NEVER be at the forefront of social issues.
    Boy, those _ay folks – sorry – KFSM is afraid of the the real word that rhymes with “day” – really terrify some folk, don’t they?
    Does living in America REALLY mean you can refuse to serve those you don’t like? Is that how far we have de-evolved as a culture?

  • Cindy

    How can we expect the U of A to be effective in curbing sexual violence on campus if the Chancellor doesn’t see a problem with opening public restrooms to “genderless” individuals. I know no one THINKS the Ordinance is about encouraging or allowing sexual predators a free rein. Basically, I don’t understand why anyone wants to support a business with their dollars that doesn’t share their worldview. You vote with your money…spend your money and resources at businesses that support your lifestyle and worldview. If I don’t get good customer service – no matter where I shop – I don’t go back, and it has nothing to do with my gender preference.

  • Jcar

    Great job Senator Hester! U of A alum. & ex- Razorback standing up to the leftist, liberal, overpaid and out of line Gearhart.

    • Mark

      If you don’t like progressive non discriminatory laws do us a favor and move to Mississippi can pretend you live back in’ll fit in well in that shithole state!!

      • Jcar

        I am certainly not for this mainly sexual orientation driven ordinance! I am from here! You can take your twisted, progressive, unamerican, unconstitutional SH1Thole back to Eureka or San Fran.

      • Mark

        Jcar-it’s none of your business what somebody else’s sexual orientation is… Save that for Sunday school..
        So are you by saying it’s un American and unconstitutional to pass legislation like this that it’s in fact American AND constitutional to blatantly discriminate against other Americans?? Kinda of put yourself in a jam on this one.. Discriminatory laws and protected classes were enacted to protect people from pieces of shit like you!!

  • Mr. Common Sense

    Screw this senator. Chancellor gerhart and mayor Jordan are heroes in my eyes for standing up for equal rights. It’s republicans like this one sticking his nose in a city ordinance dissipating hate and discrimination every American should be entitled to that makes me sick! Have you ever heard of the civil rights act of 1968 senator??!!

  • Josh

    ok, enough of this already.

    QUOTE ME THE TEXT FROM THE ORDINANCE that shows where anyone has the right to use either bathroom. Show it to me. Otherwise you fear mongers need to start reading the ordinance and quit spouting your fear tactic talking points. We get enough of that in national politics as it is.

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    • JEK

      I’m going to train a PIG for a service animal and hit every Wal-Mart in Fayetteville! HEY STUPID! THIS IS AMERICA AND WE SPEAK ENGLISH HERE!

  • DB

    Why do we care what a representative of the town of Cave Springs has to say about Fayetteville municipal law? Try minding your own business.

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