“Beat LSU Pep Rally” Held In Fayetteville

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) – Razorbacks fans filed in to Barn Hill Arena in hope of getting excited for the Razorbacks versus LSU game.

The pep rally was themed “Go Razorbacks Glow.”

Students wore neon colors to match the theme.

Some students say they were excited to be at the event.

“[The rally] gets people to come to the games, it gets people excited for the games,” said Kainna Ranbo, a student at the university. “That is just part of being here at Fayetteville.”

Sororities competed against each other for school spirit.

“It is just really fun on a Friday night to do,” said Kaylie House, a student at the university. “We just come here to get school spirit ready for all the games. It is really cool to see everyone dress up and come and support everyone.”