High School Football Fans Bundle Up For Playoff Games

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) – Students and their families around the state are filling the stands at local high school football games Friday (Nov. 14) and they are doing it in below freezing temperatures to root for their team.

“We are from Texas, so we are not really used to this,” said Belinda Jennings, a Fayetteville High School parent.

That's why Jennings decided to stay home for the Bulldog’s playoff game.

“[It is] too cold. [This] Texas girl is not used to it,” Jennings said.

But Jennings’ son has other plans so, she went to a local sporting goods store to prepare.

“I went to Academy, and stocked up on hand warmers, toe warmers, and boots and scarves for the kids,” Jennings said.

Rachel Headrick supports Elkins Football and plans to bundle up to fight the cold, as well.

“Blankets, gloves, definitely wear a hat of some sort and cover your ears,” Headrick said.

Headrick said warm concessions are a necessity.

“When it is warm out, you kind of sneak that stuff in,” Headrick said. “But, you have to buy the hot chocolate when it is cold.”

Fans say rooting on a team shouldn’t be put on hold because of the weather.

“Even when it is cold, just showing them that they are not the only ones dedicated to the game, and the community, and the school,” Headrick said.

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