Two-Vehicle Wreck Backs Up Traffic Near Fayetteville Flyover

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM)- A two-vehicle wreck backed up traffic on College Avenue in Fayetteville near the flyover that connects College Avenue to Interstate 49 Tuesday (Nov. 18) night.

According to the Fayetteville Police Department the accident happened just after 6 p.m.

Eyewitnesses said the wreck, involving a car and pickup truck, happened in front of the Nissan dealership near Millsap Road, just south of the flyover. The eyewitness said it appeared to be a head-on collision.

There were two people involved in the wreck, but only one of them was transported to Washington Regional Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries, according to Fayetteville Central EMS.


  • Velda

    That area is so dangerous. The fly over is so confusing and the round about by the hospital is very dangerous. Now they are building a busy grocery store where this crash happened. Over the past 50 years I can remember at least 10 people being killed in this area.

    • Fayetteville Driver

      The flyover is confusing? Lord…get off the roads and leave them to those with functioning brain cells… I’ll give you this: That roundabout is terrible and a lot of it has to do with bad drivers and old farts driving around this area but it is also poorly designed. You should NOT be able to take a left from the OUTSIDE lane. The outside lane should be for taking a right or going straight on. If you allow drivers in the outside lane to go left it sets up a collision point with drivers in the inside lane wanting to go straight. Poor poor design. Add to the fact that people cut lanes like they’re not even there…

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