Razorback Fan Starts “Penalty Fund” To Pay SEC Fine For Rushing The Field

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ARKANSAS (KFSM) – One Razorback fan started a GoFundMe to pay for the SEC fine the University of Arkansas received when its fans rushed the field following LSU’s defeat on Nov. 15.

The University of Arkansas was fined $25,000 after fans stormed the field for the second time in the university’s history. The first time was in 2006 when fans stormed the court after a men’s basketball game. If fans storm a Razorback playing field a third time, the school could face a $50,000 fine, officials say.

The Razorbacks broke a streak of 17 SEC losses with their 17-0 victory over LSU, according to officials.

The GoFundMe states, “The fee is already being covered, but let’s show the UofA booster club, and the rest of the SEC that we really are humble.” The note on the GoFundMe asks for fans to donate $5 to the cause and then post a picture on Twitter with a $5 bill and the hashtag #FanSourcing.

So far, in its goal to raise $25,000, the GoFundMe has a total of $55 in it. It has been shared over 100 times on Facebook since its creation on Nov. 17. The $55 has been donated by eight different people.


  • DLW

    Really residents of Arkansas? We have homeless children in our state and you retards are more concerned about raising money for a SEC fine? Citizens are already paying the SEC fine. The UofA is a state run university. We pay for it with our taxes. Embarrassed to live in this wasteland….How about all the people who stormed the field after the game raise $50,000 so there are less homeless children in our Land of Opportunity…

    • Razorback Fan

      The athletics program is self funded (one of the few in the nation) so the fine did not come out of taxes…

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