Mass Die-In Staged At St. Louis Mall, Shopping Center Closed Indefinitely

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Demonstrators protesting Black Friday staged an event at a St. Louis mall on Nov. 28, according to affiliate station KTVI-TV Channel 2.

Officials say the mall is closed indefinitely, KTVI reported.

The movement was organized with social media by using such hashtags as: #Blacklivesmatter, #NotOneDime and #Stlblackfriday, according to KTVI.

Protesters laid on the floor of the mall for four minutes and 30 seconds of silence to symbolize Michael Brown‘s blood on the ground, KTVI reported.

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  • Allison

    Seeing, these comments make me sad. Seeing this thing makes me sad that guess what? They lay on the ground for 4.5 minutes to represent mie brown laying there for 4 AND A HALF HOURS on the ground. Taxes come from black friday sales. this is hitting the government where it hurts. Money.

  • Gottalaugh

    If people would have just walked over the idiots they would have started getting up. I’m so sick of all the stupid stuff they are doing. Not one thing they have done has brought honor to that boys memory.

  • Jcar

    I am sick of this stupid Sh1t! I am sorry but that criminal 18 yr old thug died due to his own bad character and illegal actions and decisions that day!

  • Marie

    It would have been more representative of Brown if they had All just ‘stolen a box of Cigars’. Nothing more ridiculous than a bunch of Clueless Liberals ‘honoring’ a Criminal!

  • Not a brown fan ever

    Would this go on if it was a white guy.? Or a Hispanic? Or Asian? Probably not, but because ,it is a black person ,and he committed a crime we have to riot and loot, and protest, and burn business down to show support. What kind of support is that? It is robbery and arson, that is what it’s called mostly stupidity. Was there any protesting going on when OJ killed two white people and got away with it, but every riot and protest has been over blacks that committed crimes and shot by white officers. But has there been any riots when black officers shooting white people in the past, no there has not, so why act stupid

  • sara

    Other nations are watching these idiotic protesters and laughing at us. And it’s hard to blame them for laughing at us.

  • Melissa

    I remember only one protest that, although it too lead to riots and looting for days, that was semi-justified. And that was when 4 white cops beat the shit out of Mr. Rodney King for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and being falsely identified.
    Mr. Brown was defiant in a direct order from a person of law enforcement. Mr. Brown CHOSE his destiny that fateful day. Do I feel sorry for what happened to him? No. Do I feel sympathy for his parents and his family? Yes. No parent should bury their child. It is the worst pain that any parent can go through.
    As for the people saying that others are inbred, I live about 150 miles south of where this took place. Yeah for those that can read a map, in Arkansas. I don’t know of anyone who marries within their own family. But if it makes you feel like a bigger person to put others down, then maybe you should take a closer look at yourself, your family and the company you keep because to me it sounds like there is something fundamentally wrong with you.

  • John

    With all the video from news cameras and people with their own cameras , filming the break ins and fire settings ,as a civic duty these pictures should be turned into police ,so those who cause all this damage can be held accountable

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