VIDEO: Black Friday Shoppers Line Up At Cabela’s

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ROGERS (KFSM)- Black Friday 2014 brought a long line at Cabela's in Rogers, which kept its doors closed until 5 a.m. unlike many other stores that opened since Thanksgiving Day.

Will Sanders, 17, was part of the first group. He said he waited with his friends for 30 hours.

"It's just kind of neat, all the giveaway stuff, everybody coming out in the cold," Sanders said.

Shoppers bundled up with temperatures were in the 30s. Cabela's offered coffee and hot chocolate to those waiting in line.

The first 600 shoppers received giveaways. Shani Richert, 20, won a rifle worth $529.99.

"I'm pretty excited because this is the first time that I've been Black Friday shopping since I was like five," Richert said.

Peter Gunn said he found good deals at the store.

"We got a phantom pellet rifle and a box of ammo so far," Gunn said. "There's still more shopping to do."

David Tucker, of Gentry, said he saved money on hunting gear.

"Thirty to 50 percent off is a pretty good deal," he said.

Jim Casey said it's about shopping and tradition.

"We got here at 5 a.m.," Casey said. "I think we were 2,000 behind everybody, but anyways we came out here just for the camaraderie, to see the people and have a good time."

Becca Garrett and her friend Emily Baird put their smart shopping skills to work.

"You can text like Cabela's to a number and you get $10 off a purchase, so that's a really good deal that we found," Baird said.

Garrett added, "She'll stand in line while I go get something I need and then I'll stand in line while she gets something she needs."

"So we'll just take turns standing line that way we can get done the fastest," Garrett said.

Cabela's will have savings going through Dec 3rd.

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