Fire in Roland Leaves Family Homeless

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Roland House Fire

ROLAND (KFSM) – A child is being blamed for causing a house fire Saturday afternoon (November 29th) that left his family homeless, according to a family member.

The Roland and Muldrow Fire department responded around noon to a fire at the “Gardenwalk of Roland” apartment complex located between Taylor Drive and Robert Pine boulevard.

Neighbors say fire crews put it out in about twenty minutes. One firefight told 5NEWS the home is a lost.

James Potts says his nephew was the one who caused the accident. “He used a cigarette lighter to burn his mattress,” says Potts talking about his sister-in-law’s son. “He has A.D.H.D (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).”

The flames made their way from the room to the kitchen, bathroom, and living room area blackening the whole one story house. The family who lived next door was ordered to evacuate.

Potts says the family is planning to contact the Red Cross.

The manager on the property didn’t want anyone speaking to the media. Keep it here on 5NEWS as the story continues to develop.

Baby carriage burned in Roland House Fire

Baby carriage burned in Roland House Fire

Picture of burnt mattress.

Picture of burnt mattress.


  • Not a brown fan

    I call B.S blame it on a kid, how old was the kid, I bet a million dollars it wa mr.potts, smoking green leafy substance, and why would the management say the tenants can’t speak to the media, she can’t do that, it is called freedom of speech act. She can not enforce it, she can not evict over it, if she tries there can be a lawsuit and she knows it

  • Not a brown fan

    What about smoke detectors, this is a fishy story,,,,,,so,etching is not right and the apartment management knows it, that apartment complex has a lot of drugs going through it, sad, sad sad

    • What-About-Bob

      LOL – smoke detectors do not put out fires, the fact they got out are as a result of the smoke detectors. dummy. LOL

  • velda

    These look like low income based apartments.

    90% of people are stuck in low income due to drug habits and other vices like gambling and alcohol.

    At least no one died and I agree the fire was likely caused by an adult drinking and smoking in the bed.

    • Not a brown fan ever

      I agree with you Velda, because, how would the adult know the kid was playing with the lighter, and playing with a lighter has nothing to do with ADHD, the parents are looking for a easy way to blame the child insteD of themselves,

    • bill

      well miss do goodie how the hell do you know..maybe some one else seen the baby with a lighter. maybe your the one smoking that green stuff or drinking……get your big noise out of it!!!

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