Bobby Petrino Gets Into Pregame Scuffle

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (CBS News) – Kentucky and Louisville got into a bit of a pregame scuffle at midfield Saturday morning, and while it was just your typical pushing, shoving and woofing, there was one part of the kerfuffle that really stood out.

Louisville coach Bobby Petrino got involved.

Somebody must have made a motorcycle joke!

Things calmed down rather quickly, and Louisville went on to win 44-40.


    • My .02

      Agreed, Petrino got himself fired from here let him do his antics in KY and let them cover it, use the time and space for stores somehow related to NWA.

  • Tears

    Agree – cover news relevant to the area.

    However, he was a good coach here and I believe it was a mistake to fire him. This “role model” junk is as silly as expecting all football players to care more about education than playing football.

    His job is to win football games, which he has proven capable of doing. End of story.

  • Jcar

    Sounds like it is about time for Jessica Dorrell’s fiance to chase him down on his motorcycle and beat his A$$ again to straighten him out!

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