Price of Local Christmas Trees Constant Despite National Increase

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RUDY (KFSM) – For many, it’s time to find a Christmas tree.

Recent national reports show the price of real trees are up this year, but that’s not the case at one local Christmas tree farm.

With every holiday season comes the question: “Should we buy a real tree or an artificial one?”

"The person that wants a real tree likes the smell of the tree,” Christmas tree farm owner Buddy Lollis said.

Lollis has been selling Christmas trees for 26 years, and this year, the Johnson family decided to come to his farm.

"We always get a real tree, but this is the first time we've come out to the farm and actually let the boys pick it out,” Stacy Johnson, mother of three, said.

Each tree costs $5 per foot. Despite an increase in the price of trees across the country, Lollis said he has not raised his price in years.

“I just don't want to go up on them. I think $35 for a seven-foot tree is enough," he said. "I feel like if we can make a little money and have enough to pay the boys, that's all that's necessary for us."

The trees are planted every February, and cared for throughout the year.

Right now there are about 10,000 trees in the 18 acres of land that are ready to be cut.

"We gotta save some for next year,” Lollis said.

The recent drought had a major effect on his farm.

"I lost 3,500 trees in one season. And that slowed us down quite a bit, because [some] of them were big trees."

Just like the Johnsons, the Mourneys always get a real Christmas tree, too.

"I finally got to pick out the tree. And it's hot today. I never got to pick out the tree in [the heat]. We've only went in cold times. And I don't like cold times,” eight-year-old Hayden Mourney said.

Lollis said it takes about four years for a seedling to grow into a full Christmas tree.

The farm will be selling trees until Dec. 22.

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