Local Church Opposes Atheist ‘Skip Church’ Billboard In Springdale

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ARKANSAS (KFSM) -Hours after news broke that a national atheist organization had put up a billboard in Springdale, church leaders said they would put up their own billboard nearby to compete with the atheist message.

The group American Atheists said they have put up a billboard in Springdale that depicts a little girl writing to Santa saying that all she wants for Christmas is to skip church because she's too old for fairy tales. The billboard is part of a "firebrand-style" campaign launched in multiple Bible Belt cities including Memphis, Nashville, St. Louis and Fort Smith, according to a post on the American Atheists website. The group also plans to put up a billboard in Milwaukee.

Danielle Muscato, public relations director for American Atheists, told 5NEWS the billboards are aimed at in-the-closet atheists who are pressured to observe religious traditions during the holidays. He said the billboards are to let them know it is OK to doubt the way they were raised and think for themselves.

Leaders of Grace Church in Alma said they plan on putting up a billboard near the atheist advertisement, saying, "Questions, Doubts and Curiosity...All Welcome At Grace Church."

Muscato said he welcomes the church's billboard, saying he advocates people being able to think for themselves on whether to believe in any, or no, religion.

A statement from American Atheists initially said the billboard was in Fort Smith. However, the billboard actually stands just off of Interstate 49 in Springdale, north of Wagon Wheel Road.

The atheist billboard also advertises the annual American Atheists National Convention in Memphis scheduled for April of 2015, according to a post on the organization's website.

“Even children know churches spew absurdity, which is why they don’t want to attend services. Enjoy the time with your family and friends instead,” said American Atheists President David Silverman. “Today’s adults have no obligation to pretend to believe the lies their parents believed.  It’s OK to admit that your parents were wrong about God, and it’s definitely OK to tell your children the truth.”

The group was unsuccessful in one Bible Belt city, though. American Atheists was unable to get their billboard put up in Jackson, Miss. due to push back against the billboard's content from local residents, according to the post.

"Area lessors rejected the design due to content," the post states.

Muscato said in the website post, “The fact that billboard companies would turn away business because they are so concerned about the reaction by the community to a simple message that not everyone goes to church and not everyone believes in gods shows just how much education and activism on behalf of atheists is needed in the South.”

The billboards will remain on display from Dec. 1 until Dec. 24, according to the post.


Courtesy: American Atheists



    • James

      Christmas is based off of a pagan holiday anyway. Funny how the Christians are always griping about their rights being violated but they’re the ones trying to keep atheists from outing these billboards up. What a happen to freedom of speech? Oh freedom of speech is only for Christians and not everyone else who believes different from them. I get it now. There’s a reason why some of the most religious places are the most poorest too.

      • Twitch

        Actually, Jesus was most likely born in the spring (because it was during a census and the shepherds were out in the fields with their flocks; had it actually been winter, the flocks would have been in the stables underneath the houses because that’s how they were heated) but we celebrate it on December 25th as a way to spite the Mithraists, who had a habit of setting up their temples next to churches and trying to poach believers, and also it would have been a form of civil disobedience against the Romans and their pagan religion.

    • Dan

      Santa Bring Presents which do appear. You can go talkto in many local malls right now. You have the ability to actually travel to the North pole.

      Satna is far more believeable then any Religious God. I have far more proof that Santa is real. Libraries of movies, books, TV commercials, etc…then we have for any God every existing.

  • Justice

    My church was going to pay for a billboard but we decided to buy Christmas dinner and gifts for children in need. Yet another reason we pray for the heart of the non-believer. Please, if you have expendable income use it to help people not spread anti “whoever” messages.

    • Kendra

      You’re a perfect example of the hypocrisy of relgion. You’re patting yourself on the back about how great you are since you’re donating time / money. You have no idea what other initiatives the atheist organization donates time / money too. Get over yourself.

      • THE DUDE

        What are you talking about? hypocrisy? He hasn’t said his name or what church is affiliated with. You miss the point.

      • 1776

        I’m quite sure atheists don’t “donate” anything other than their own version of intolerance. Next time a tornado sweeps through a small town, there won’t be any atheist organization there to help feed, clothe, and shelter the victims.

      • Darin

        Seems that atheist raise so much money. But then again, no one wants to accept it LOL
        The Oklahoma tornados devasted many people. Homes destroyed, loved ones lost, and recovery seemed impossible. Atheists Giving Aid stepped in and raised a little over $16,000. The problem that occurred after the fundraiser was over was that no one applied for the aid. Not 1 person. We’re not sure if it is because we are an atheist organization that will not change our name but stand firm and proud with the help we have received from atheists all over the country. We only asked those who we donated to if we could share their story online and were even willing to make them anonymous if they really just didn’t want people to know they accepted aid from atheists.

      • Justice

        It’s always intriguing to see comments like this and you folks always say it’s about religion, buts it’s really just about christianity. I mean, if your taking about not believing on a higher power why don’t you mention a Mosque, or Shinto temple, or Jewish synagogue , or Budist Temple. Then you’d be a bigot. I’ve noticed it’s only ok to speak negatively about Christians for some reason. Very sad. If you don’t want to go to church, don’t go. I hope and pray you do though, but if your heart is not into it then have the common desentcy to leave it alone. I don’t care for drinking, but I’m not going to rent an ad to proclaim that all I want is to not go there.

    • Dan

      If every Church in the US paid Taxes…the government could afford the Food stamp program for all those in need. And still have a lot left over. It would bring in about $71 BILLION a year if the Churches were taxed.

      So we expect to see you advocating for all churches to pay tax since you want to help feed people, and this would do more to feed the hungry in the US then any food drive.

      And your help is not unique…charities…Religious and Not all do the same things trying to help those in need.

      • CC

        Why is they don’t pay taxes? Sounds like they’re getting a free ride, and yet they still always ask for money when you go to church. Lol

      • Ozark GaelicSeoc

        Unfortunately, the Government is just as likely to use the tax money to kill people than to look at them, much less feed them. The biggest chunk of our budget is military and police, followed up by corrections. Go figure.

      • Justice

        So your saying we church gosea should first pay taxes on our hard earned money then pay again when we donate to the church and the communities around us? Wow! You do realize how luticris this sounds, you want to pass a law that says “anyone who attempts to help anyone will be punished with an additional tax” good plan! You should be a community organizer.:)

      • Alynn

        Interesting…because at our church, a % of the offering goes to provide food and utilities for our members and friends who are out of a job, widowed, sick or without, as the Bible commands. We have 3 families in our church that due to cancer and other serious health issues have never had to go beg from the government for food stamps and utility assistance because we have taken care of their needs 100%, including paying their health insurance (because they could not afford the obamacare).

    • Trussell

      Thank you so much for that Justice. I can only hope that someone finds it in their heart to help provide for my kids this year. I have been battling for my disability, finally got that, but the past amount was too low and I owed 5 years of past rent to my landlord who let us stay even though I couldn’t pay. I can’t even afford the meal and the state cut my stamps by more than half. I have a crowdfunding campaign, but it only has a $1 donation so far. (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/be-a-christmas-angel-for-single-mom-and-her-kids/x/8865007)

      By the way…my son loves to go to church and worship God…I am in a wheelchair now and my pain is so bad that I have to worship from home, but he gets on his bike every Sunday and Wednesday and rides the 1 1/2 mile to and from church!

    • grinstall

      That’s funny, my atheist organization was going to buy and pay to maintain a building in which to gather for a few hours a week, including hiring a paid speaker to assure us that our metaphysical claims are true – but we thought that sounded like a waste of resources, so we bought a billboard and saved the rest.

    • Dan

      The fairy tale with all the evidence and support?

      Don’t worry thier parents can pull them out of classes they don’t agree with. Just hurting the kids by not letting them learning real science.

    • Keith Babberney

      Dude, go to a library (a real one, not your church’s) and ask the librarian to help you find a book on evolution. If you actually read the evidence with an open mind, it is undeniable. The “evidence” you have been fed about ID is nothing more than fabricated rationalization to support what you already believe. The opposite of science, in other words.

      • THE DUDE

        Keith – When did I say anything about church? You assume too much. Could it be that you are assuming that these so called credible books about evolution are true just because a well known scientists say they are? The books you tell me to go read have a multitude of questions that can’t be answered. Scientist can’t even tell us how the spark of life began. How did a one cell organism become a once cell organism? My professor told me many years ago this question would be answered eventually. In other words, he believes it will happen, sound familiar? You accept the teaching of a public authority because you BELIEVE they know what they are talking about. People who listen to the man in the pulpit do the same thing. My question goes to both parties. Do you know without a doubt if your belief is absolutely true?

    • Prototype Atheist (@ProtoAtheist)

      Evolution is an observed process. The theory of evolution via natural selection is the model describing how and why this process occurs. It is one of the most highly evidenced theories in all of science.

      Thanks for demonstrating exactly why religion causes harm.

      • Warren

        Yet evolution cannot be observed in the traditional scientific method to explain anything beyond the theory itself. There is a reason it remains a theory and it is because it has not been proven. For your use, the definition of theory is as follows: “a supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something, especially one based on general principles independent of the thing to be explained.” If it were sufficiently evidenced it would be considered fact. So what makes your supposition of ideas superior to the many biblical facts that comprise the Christian belief? Consider this for a moment. The theory of evolution suggests we evolved from apes. Why then do we have webbed fingers and our closest relative the ape does not? Why do our hair follicles lay in a parallel pattern consistent with a marine aquatic versus that of the ape which at the base extends perpendicular to the skin? How do I know this? It is fact, look it up. There is no need to apologize for your theory presenting abundantly more questions than answers but do us all a favor and stop representing it as fact. There are a lot more facts in the bible that have been proven to be true than this theory you hold so dear. If you want to play intellectual war at least come armed and prepared with more than supposition and an ill attempt to defend the real fairy tale at question here.

      • Kerry

        Warren, and I say this with no ire, you are making a fool of yourself by not understanding the meaning of the word “theory” as it pertains to science. It’s unreal that there are people still under this misapprehension. Theory in Science does NOT mean someone’s hunch or belief. That’s a different use for that word. In science, “theory” is the exact opposite of a guess. Please do some research on this because you are completely ignorant of this term.

      • Warren

        I didn’t want to go to these extremes to disprove your argument but you leave me no choice. If you resort to name calling then you also submit yourself to the opportunity of being schooled on something you know very little about. Kerry, with all due respect, and not to make you look even more foolish, I didn’t say the theory of evolution was a guess. I proved that theory is defined as a supposition or series of suppositions. Without bias and using fundamental logic you seem to have, understand that any theory is not scientific fact but is actually closer to science fiction. I will go further to state that evolution is not even a scientific theory. Why you ask? You see, to survive as a legitimate theory, there must be some test or tests proving it valid or else it should be discarded. Without such tests, it is not a scientific theory. You said yourself that evolution is an observed process. What exactly has been observed that proves this fallacy?! Further, has anything actually been tested to prove that the second law of thermodynamics support the supposition that macro or even micro evolution led to the development of our species? The answer is no, nothing has been proven to date. Don’t take my word for it, look it up yourself. While you’re at it, also look up the overarching law of the entire universe, cause and effect. Combining cause and effect with the second law of thermodynamics we can both conclude that every effect has a cause and, over time, all systems have less usable energy. This means that the effect always has less usable energy than the cause. In other words, every cause results in a lesser effect. The effect MUST have less energy and be less complicated and less advanced that its cause. The fallacy of evolution states that a more “evolved” life-form (the effect) stems from a simpler one (the cause) is a violation of both cause and effect as well as the second law of thermodynamics! In your case, science has been purported to have observed the process of evolution. In reality, assumptions have been made concerning these observations and remain unproven. That said, many evolutionists are no different than the core Christian in that they have faith in something they believe will eventually be proven. Your survival of the fittest point assumes that something survives because it is the fittest. This is circular logic as you base your conclusion on an assumption. This is especially so when you use the conclusion to prove the assumption. To be true, natural selection must prove evolution to have occurred through a successive series of minor changes. Sadly for you, this is not the case. And let’s not forget the FACT that everything has a beginning. Evolutionists would argue that the beginning of the universe has nothing to do with evolution. Really?! So everything was here already and elements just happened to join together to form life? Doesn’t the second law of thermodynamics require a beginning? Energy itself does not simply exist but must be created. Consider radio active elements for a moment. They break down in a highly systematic and controlled manner. This means that there was a specific moment when all of them came into existence. It is impossible for any of them to have existed forever. Each had a beginning or they would not exist today. But you go ahead and assert that these same elements also evolved because that makes so much sense. Big bang you say? Yeah, that doesn’t hold water either. The first law of thermodynamics states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but can only change form. If it cannot be created then where exactly did all the energy come from to initiate the big bang. It was always just there? If so, then the first law of thermodynamics points to an eternal existence of a creator because, as stated, something cannot come from nothing. Science has in fact effectively proven that if there was not an eternal creator to bring the universe into being, there would never have been a universe. Remember, a cause must be greater than the effect. An all powerful God is a cause I can believe in given this assertion. So you still demand that we evolved from simpler life or from the fusion of non biological elements that came together? Then where did THEY come from? You evolutionists are all the same. You hold firm to what you claim as principles of science yet dodge the difficult questions presented concerning the origins of life and matter itself. Study also the law of biogenesis which states that new life can only come from existing life. In other words, only living organisms can produce other living organisms. You can’t begin to support the fallacy of evolution using the law of biogenesis without first establishing the origin of the universe, matter and life itself! The “theory” of evolution is in fact wholly founded in assertions, assumptions, logical fallacies and a broad series of suppositions and contradicting understanding where laws of science and nature are concerned. It seems the real fairy tale is blatantly obvious here. As I said, we as Christians are shunned for our beliefs and faith largely founded on numerous biblical facts. The fact remains that evolution takes faith for an atheist to believe as there are no facts to support the fallacy and in the end, they can only hold on to the faith that it will eventually be proven. An no, I am not ignorant of the term theory nor am I uneducated in how it is applied to science. I once believed in evolution as well but decided not to simply accept what I was told and instead look beyond the assumptions and into the origin of the universe as that is where the first rung of the ladder begins for all of creation. Like I said, if you are going to participate in a war of wits, don’t show up unarmed.

      • Warren

        So… many… crickets…
        I will add that they did in fact find Noah’s ark. Further, they found several of the anchor stones nearby as well as the burial place of Noah’s wife that was adjacent to his dwelling. Upon obtaining a core sample from the interior of the ark, they got petrified animal dung and cat hair as well as a metal rivet used to make the ark that was composed, in part, of aluminum. No, you won’t find this in the media or showing up on Fox news or even CNN. In fact, you have to do some diligence to find it at all.

      • Warren

        It is? I must have missed that memo. But then again, and in my defense, I was riding my unicorn when it was announced so I likely missed it. I apologize for the sarcasm but you can’t just make a statement like that. Or worse yet, repeat a statement you heard and just accept as truth without questioning the basis on why it is claimed.

  • Darin

    “Today’s adults have no obligation to pretend to believe the lies their parents believed. It’s okay to admit that your parents were wrong about God, and it’s definitely okay to tell your children the truth.”
    That explains a lot of why this world is in the shape it is in.
    Geeze, when I became an adult I figured out that my parents wasn’t as stupid as I thought they were. With experience comes wisdom. Wonder where the atheists lost out at? People are too much into themselves and want to get the ‘easiest’ way to do things and are always wanting to do it their way. One day they too will find out that their parents weren’t so stupid after all.

  • bobreal

    One Day You are going to get to STAND BEFORE GOD and ASK FOR FORGIVENESS… if You Don’t You’ll GOT STRAIGHT TO HELL..

    • Mrs. Hawk Delgado

      Yes you have the right to believe whatever you want, isn’t that wonderful? When you stand before God we will see how wonderful you think the choice you made was.

      • Wizard of Woo

        “Yes you have the right to believe whatever you want, isn’t that wonderful? When you stand before God we will see how wonderful you think the choice you made was.”
        You have been given free will, but I will kill you and send your soul to hell if you don’t play it my way. I have given you no knowledge of good and evil, yet I expect you not to eat of the forbidden fruit that you wouldn’t have an understanding of what forbidden meant in the first place. I’m gonna play it that way and judge you fro eternity, I’m god and I can do whatever I want. Your god is just another cruel and demented one of many that man made up. Nothing wrong with the billboard whatsoever that I can see. Religion is ridiculous, might as well wear a colander while driving so that the flying spaghetti monster can find you a convenient parking place at walmart and such.

      • Commentor

        Well Mrs. Hawk, the choice I made was to live my life the way I want to. Not the way anyone/anything/whatever else wants me too. Who is to say there is even a heaven or hell? I do not care what happens to me when I die because I know I will have lived my life the way I wanted to: respectfully, enthusiastically, and contagiously happy. My body will only decay and be one with the Earth. I would much rather be a part of something that exists and is much bigger than us all.

    • The Dude

      Just like the car you drive is intelligently designed, so is the universe. Example: The earth is just the right distance from the sun, and if it were not so we would either burn or freeze to death.

    • Mrs. Hawk Delgado

      There is evidence he is real everywhere! Have you never seen a sunset or sunrise? Ever watched the leaves turn from green to brown in the autumn? Ever watched a baby be born or a bird learn to fly? Ever needed a miracle and received one? Has nobody ever shown you love and compassion when you needed it most? God makes the sun rise and fall, he changes the weather and the colors every season, he gave us the incredible ability to create life. God is everywhere but you don’t see him because you don’t look for him.

      • Tim Horne

        How are any of those things proof of a god of any sort? There is a reasonable (and real) scientific explanation for sunrises and sunsets, for leaves turning, for everything we witness in nature. When a person shows compassion that is proof they are a good person, nothing more. The sun doesn’t rise or fall, I realize you were attempting to be poetic but the sun is basically stationary in our solar system (though it IS hurling through space like everything else). Gods were created by man to explain things they could not and as a means of control, nothing more. The time to believe in fairy tales has long past.

    • THE DUDE

      Mark – There is no evidence that intelligent life exits elsewhere. Many Scientist who study the universe come to the realization that a supreme being created the universe. Evolution has so many wholes the people who actually believe it are just lying to themselves. You can go on believing them, but I can’t because there are so many questions they have fail to answer. The Laws of Thermodynamics and the Law of Biogenesis are just a few SCIENTIFIC LAWS to disprove evolution.

      • Mark

        There’s a hell of a lot more evidence in life forms on other planets than any evidence supporting an intelligent designer!!

        And the word hole is spelled HOLE.. Not WHOLE!!

      • THE DUDE

        I totally agree with you Mark that there is life (microorganisms) elsewhere, but not intelligent life. However, we are talking about there being any evidence of a Creator. How do microorganisms on mars disprove God’s existence?

  • Darin

    Its beyond torture, it’s HELL… Your choice, but don’t complain if you are wrong. Your heaven is here in your own mind. John 3:16

    • Robert Ray

      If you were as “miserable” as the many atheists I know you would be feeling pretty good.
      Besides I think this quote sums up my feelings on your comment.
      “The fact that a believer is happier than a skeptic is no more to the point than the fact that a drunken man is happier than a sober one.”
      George Bernard Shaw

      • Foghorn

        There was nothing in my statement that implicated Christians as being immune from misery. Nice try though libtard.

  • Barney Rubble

    The arrogance of man on full display. Atheists – you have to believe them because they are smarter than everyone else. Just like liberals are smarter too. NOT!

    • Mark

      Generally speaking you are correct.. Considering most of the scientists that study how the world was formed are atheists.. People with extremely high level iq’s and do this as their occupation.. Generally have more credibility than the average folk.. Just as you are more informed in your trade than those not in your trade.. Rational thinking applies to all areas of our lives with the exception of religion.. Very strange!!

      • Barney Rubble

        You just proved my point. No human, not even a scientist, knows why we are here. Those who think they know better are charlatans – just like the ones who believe in the hoax of man-made climate change.

      • Kelli

        Yes they do! A secular group at a local high school recently put up posters with facts about several different religions to show students and faculty that there are many different views on religion. It didn’t take long for the posters to be ripped apart. Guess which one wasn’t vandalized? The Christian one. The students who did it even bragged about it on Twitter. Where do you suppose they learned such behavior? Most likely their parents. It’s perfectly within your rights to believe what you believe. It’s wonderful that people have that freedom. But don’t condemn others for believing what they believe. I’m not religious, but I’m not athiest either. I think the truth is that there are questions we just don’t have answers to yet. But from what I’ve read about Jesus, he was a really cool guy who wanted people to get along with each other and not be greedy. I think we can all take a lesson from what he taught about those things. Let’s stop hating each other because of our differences.

  • hunneysue

    The comments I have seen are not very convincing to try to convert anyone…. why would anyone want to convert to Christianity if this is the response you get: Believe/obey/love God 100% or be tortured and go to Hell? Really? Perpetuating hate and ignorance has obviously done so much to further the church. I am saddened and sickened by the intolerance and hatred I see here and elsewhere. What ever happened to live and let live? Or the ability to accept the fact that not everyone agrees with you and move on without pointing, or condemnation. I am not saying to not believe what you want, but there comes a time when everyone must question why they believe in whatever they do, and to actually search out the reasons, and think for themselves instead of spewing the same rhetoric that has been handed down on a spoon for generations. Would you all be so upset if a Catholic church put up something about not using birth control? What about a pagan group putting something up about Yule/Sol Invictus? How about a buddhist group or any other religious group? Or is it simply the fact that it is atheists? I don’t understand where all the condemnation and hate comes from.. I really don’t. But it makes me sad that this is the same world my daughter will one day inherit and have to learn to live in.

  • Jack

    You want to go to church, great. You don’t, also great. But you people patting yourselves on the back and saying how much better you are then the other group because you do or do not believe in relgion are the pathetic ones. Get over yourself

  • Lucy

    Why are they so afraid of a God that they don’t believe in, and why does it matter to them that I pray and believe that He died for my sins?

      • Darin

        Oh it makes complete sense to me. What doesn’t make sense is atheists telling 90% of Americans that they are wrong. Where is the logic that the few outweigh the truth of the many? To be an atheist requires an infinitely greater measure of faith than to receive all the great truths which atheism would deny.

      • Mark

        The logic of a few vs the illogic of the majority makes complete sense.. The majority didn’t want to abolish slavery or allow civil rights to blacks in the south .. They couldn’t even attend college in the 60s without the national guard by their side.. And the majority were in favor of this discrimination..so bring a more comprehensive and factual based argument next time you spew your ignorant venom!!

      • Lucy

        It is neither your job or your moral duty to police what I do or do not believe in thank you. If I needed to think about what I believed in it wouldn’t be much to believe in now would it? As evidenced by another story on here, militant atheism is completely out of hand.

  • Nobody

    If you do not like the message you do not have to read it. Some do not feel that churches should advertise. The fact is most churches are in the BUSINESS of saving souls. If you truly believe, you do not have the right to impose what you believe onto anyone else. I am tired of seeing people use religion as a crutch to hate on others.

  • Tom Sambo

    How surprising. Liberal extremists, posing as atheists who believe in nothing other than themselves, are here to “educate” we backwards a** hicks, and tell us we’ve been lied to by our parents and others. They are here to bring us out of the darkness. Their arrogance is only surpassed by the sheer idiocy of their ideas. Obviously, the difference between Jackson, Miss and Springdale, Ark. is that the latter has been infested with northern liberals who fled here to get away from the cesspools they ruined.

    • Mark

      Comparing any social/religious civil matter to anything in the state of Mississippi absolutely proves what an idiot you are.. Do you realize by glorifying Jackson MS that you are advocating on behalf of the country’s least educated… Most obese and the poorest state in the union.. It’s an absolute disgrace to the country and you want to brag about it.. For real??

  • Warren

    Okay, so it’s not offensive to call the core beliefs of a Christian a “fairy tale”?! Atheist or otherwise, this is offensive to all Christians. A true Christian does not condone judging an atheist for their belief. On the same hand, they also don’t poke fun at or ridicule those beliefs. Atheists, if you really want to be heard, don’t use bullying tactics to get your point across! This billboard says that an adult Christian is no more intelligent than a little girl who believes in Santa. Really!? You don’t see that as offensive?! Tell you what, I’ll be praying for you and yours and for the way people ought to be treating one another.

    • DukeofOmnium (@DukeofOmnium)

      Yeah, it’s really bullying to put up a billboard. Nothing causes severe head trauma and broken bones quite like outdoor advertising.

      P.S. If having your beliefs challenged offends you, perhaps you should find some beliefs that you can be more confident about.

      • Lucy

        Obviously the folks who put up the billboard are the ones so easily offended by others beliefs. Why the need to advertise if not?

      • Wizard of Woo

        Because we are sick of christianity being shoved down our throats and advertised relentlessly for 2000 years with not one shred of evidence to back that huge ridiculous claim of jesus and god and expecting non believers to follow those tenets and live under that dogma? Just a guess though. Why don’t you pray about it, maybe your god will make it disappear and saved those innocent eyes of yours. I’m rolling mine at you, hypocrite.

      • Lucy

        What Duke says goes both ways Wizard. Leave me alone and I will leave you alone. I don’t shove my beliefs down others throats with billboards aimed specifically at completely disparaging another’s beliefs. The Christian message is more of a general concern for the well being of the human race. I don’t care if you believe that or not, but you don’t need to name call, that just totally makes your argument pointless.

      • Wizard of Woo

        “What Duke says goes both ways Wizard. Leave me alone and I will leave you alone. I don’t shove my beliefs down others throats with billboards aimed specifically at completely disparaging another’s beliefs. The Christian message is more of a general concern for the well being of the human race. I don’t care if you believe that or not, but you don’t need to name call, that just totally makes your argument pointless.”

        Christians will never leave everyone alone and they have billboards and signs (not to mention all the outlets such as facebook that they use to spew their hate) all over this nation telling people they will burn for an eternity if they do not worship their god, the one and only true god. They want only their god to have any importance in schools, which are public and secular. They push government to have their own brand of a corporate theocratic oligarchy. They as a group, discriminate openly and vehemently against anyone who does not hold christian views. How are these things not disparaging of another’s beliefs? They are, you just choose to ignore anyone else’s view that is different from your own. Pot, kettle, black much? And your argument with out one fact to the existence of your god, let alone jesus is absolutely pointless. Any argument that doesn’t agree with your views would be wrong, regardless. My calling you a hypocrite does not make my argument pointless, it’s calling a spade a spade, shoe fits Lucy. If however you have never seen any of these things I mentioned that christians do, I apologize, but all you have to do to see it is barely open your eyes.

      • Wizard of Woo

        I don’t hate you Lucy, I despise all religion and what it does to people like you. If the prayers of all the people that ever prayed, worked… Thanks for not hatin though. I hope you have a great holiday season, Lucy.

  • Sean

    I go to church and see people like Michael and Genia Hamby devilishly grooming the most gullible, feeding lies and half truths. All while hiding their own abuse of their grandkids. Makes one wonder what kind of people would support THAT.

      • Sean

        That’s exactly how master manipulators get away with their manipulations…the willingness of regular good folks to look the other way and keep their mouths shut if they “know” the perpetrator(s). Not me. They could always sue, but the guilty won’t rush into a courtroom to have evidence presented against them. Instead, they count on their friends hushing when counted on.

  • dmac

    just out of curiosity, how many gods/religions are there available and can i believe in them all, just to be on the safe side you know

      • Kelli

        Some of them do. And please don’t get me wrong. I’m not Christian. I’m not religious at all. I’m not athiest either. In my experience, this ridicule comes from both sides. Many religious people say “believe in God or you will go to hell!” And many atheists say “question your religious beliefs or you are unintelligent.” Maybe we should just stop condemning each other just because we disagree. We could try to focus on the things we have in common. Although I will say it scares me to hear people denying manmade climate change since that’s what will most likely render us extinct. Religion definitely shouldn’t have enough power to kill us all.

  • Hondo

    This reminds me of a Frank and Ernest Cartoon where John wrote some graffiti on the side wall of a building. He wrote:

    God is dead. John

    The next picture read had an X marked through God and an X marked through John it said:
    John is dead. God.

  • 1776

    Ah, the good ol’ media – ginning up more controversy. I guess Ferguson didn’t work, so it’s time to move on.

    • CC

      Yea and Fox News doesn’t do that? Last I checked Fox was the most watched news program 12 years in a row. So I don’t know how so many people blame the media for all they’re problems when it seems like Fox is the media.

  • Heath Comer

    Fairy tale? This coming from a group of people who mostly believe in evolution, a theory whose father (Darwin) said that unless transitional fossils are found my theory cannot be correct. As of 12/1/14 there has never been a single transitional fossil discovered. Yet archaeology and history have time and time again proven 1)the historicity of Jesus and 2)the accuracy of Biblical accounts of events. Someone needs to explain to them exactly what a fairy tale is.

    • Jesus

      First off atheism has zero to do with evolution. You have proved you know nothing about evolution. Every fossil is a transitional fossil. Many things in the bible have been proven false by science such as Noah’s flood, the age of the earth and Adam and Eve

      • Heath Comer

        Never said atheism = evolution. Please read what I write. I said that most atheists believe evolution. That is simply a fact. Since evolution was a major part of what I studied in college I do know a little bit about it despite what you say. As far as Noah’s flood, there is more evidence supporting it than contradicting it. Examples would be sea creature fossils found high above sea level, evidence of rapid burial of plants and animals, and rapid or no erosion between strata, just to name a few. As far as the age of the earth, evidence suggests young age. Examples would be very little sediment on seafloor, bent rock layers, and a rapidly decaying magnetic field, just to name a few. Adam and Eve have never been proven to not exist. If one believes in a great flood, one would also believe that any evidence of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden would have been destroyed. Every fossil is NOT a transitional fossil. If you find a fossil of a fish, it is a fish. Nothing transitional about that. As far as evolution is concerned, microevolution does take place in the form of adaptation. I will never dispute that. However, macroevolution where one organism evolves into another has never been proven true. Transitional fossils indicating that they do have never been found.

      • Jesus

        Wow thank you for showing you have zero understanding of evolution! Evidence for a young earth! 1 man collected 2 of everything on a boat! Then he distributed them all over the globe! They then got off the boat and started with all the incest! Boom here we are!

      • Heath Comer

        If you are going to hurl insults please use scientific facts and logic to back up your arguments. You say I have no understanding of evolution. Please enlighten me. I gave a few pieces of scientific evidence for my point of view. Why do you not do the same?

      • Heath Comer

        So I ask you to provide facts that dispute the facts I have laid out there and all I get is crickets. BTW, if you are going to use Noah’s flood as your argument, please be accurate about it. There were more than 2 people on the arc and there were more than 2 of every animal on the arc. Colin Patterson had it correct when he said the following: “One of the reasons I started taking this anti-evolutionary view, or let’s call it a non-evolutionary view, was last year I had a sudden realization for over twenty years I had thought I was working on evolution in some way. One morning I woke up and something had happened in the night, and it struck me that I had been working on this stuff for twenty years and there was not one thing I knew about it. That’s quite a shock to learn that one can be so misled so long. Either there was something wrong with me or there was something wrong with evolutionary theory. Naturally, I know there is nothing wrong with me, so for the last few weeks I’ve tried putting a simple question to various people and groups of people. Question in: Can you tell me anything you know about evolution, any one thing, any one thing that is true? I tried that question on the geology staff at the Field Museum of Natural History and the only answer I got was silence. I tried it on the members of the Evolutionary Morphology Seminar in the University of Chicago, a very prestigious body of evolutionists, and all I got there was silence for a long time and eventually one person said, ‘I do know one thing – it ought not to be taught in high school.’”

      • Heath Comer

        Reread what you wrote and you did not say there were only 2 people on the arc. My bad. You said 1 man collected 2 of everything. Actually there were at least 8 people on the arc and there were more than 2 of everything. Still waiting for facts to refute the scientific evidence I have laid out, though.

    • Kelli

      There have been transitional fossils found. Look it up on Wikipedia, or just google it if you don’t trust Wikipedia. There are pictures and descriptions and everything. The most famous one is a bird with dinosaur features including sharp teeth. It’s really fascinating!

      • Robert T. Drake

        That’s right. Just “Google’ it said the ignorant sheep who believes everything is true on the Internet.

      • Heath Comer

        You do know that there were dinosaurs that could fly, right? They even had sharp teeth. That doesn’t make it a transitional fossil. That makes it a fossil of a dinosaur. Animals have always evolved on a micro level. This is called microevolution, or adaptation. Big difference in this and claiming a dinosaur evolved into a bird or vice versa. There has never been transitional fossils found proving one organism evolved into another. However, there has been plenty of evidence found indicating intelligent design. One of the best evidences is cosmic fine tuning. As you say, this is really fascinating!!!

  • interesting_Detail

    Interesting that the supposed letter from the child on the billboard resembles paper that has been crumpled up, almost like it was a mistake, thrown in the trash and then retrieved…first thoughts on things are usually right.

  • Ozark GaelicSeoc

    Irony. Gotta love it! Who would have thought that a budding Atheist would call the Winter Solstice “Christmas” and write to a Germanic god who travels under the name of a well beloved Christian patron saint of children? No, I’m not offended by either side. I just smile and say under my breath, “Keep talking b[bleep]s!”

  • objectivefodder

    Religion poisons minds. It’s regressive and damages progressive societies. Science and love is our only hope. We’re beginning to understand (based on the commentary here) that Amerikan religious zealots are as dangerous as Islamic fundamentalist. Don’t believe me? Research the gunman (shooter) in Austin last Friday. He’s a part of a fringe Christian sect (group) that potentially advocates violence. Think people. “Police: Austin shooter was a ‘homegrown American extremist’….ties to a Christian identity hate group”. –just saying….very suspicious religious folks, just saying.

  • jennifer

    Why do atheist have a CHRISTMAS billboard? If they acknowledge CHRISTMAS doesn’t that mean that they are going against their atheist belief in themselves….keep praying for them!

    • objectivefodder

      Hey Jennifer, it’s insulting to pray for someone that doesn’t need it. Instead of insulting people, why don’t you take the time to donate valuable time helping the homeless or visiting the lonely elderly in nursing homes or giving to your nearest homeless shelter? The point of the billboard is so blatantly clear and understandable. Your mythical deity, should an entity exist, would likely be more approving of your love towards others and active participatory benevolence rather than critical commentary. That applies to me also. Humanist and Atheist do a lot of humanity work. We don’t hold psychological hostages either. Love prevails greater than any of the hateful and disconcerting commentary spewed by the organized religious faithful.

  • Rickey

    I have seen my share of death up close and personal, and I can tell you, Christian or atheist all say pretty much the same thing in the end….. OGod!!

  • Gottalaugh

    Believe what you want to believe, stop attacking people who do not believe like you do. Why can’t people just grow up and stay out of other peoples buisness, what a person chooses to do is between them and what or whoever they decide to worship, or not. Leave me alone about it and i will leave you alone about it.

  • Get Real

    Aren’t these atheists the same group that have an involuntary bowel movement every time they see the ten commandments? Their silly sign isn’t going to convince or impress anyone but themselves.

      • Christian and Proud

        The atheist argument typically goes a little something like this: 1. An omniscient God would know about evil before it happens. 2. An omnipotent God could destroy evil. 3. A benevolent God would destroy evil. 4. Evil exists. 5. Therefore a God that is omniscient, omnipotent, and benevolent does not exist.
        So, the omniscient, omnipotent and benevolent God has but three options to choose from when considering how to deal with moral evil. 1. Forcible prevention of all moral evil. 2. Forcible intervention into the most egregious cases of evil. 3. Voluntary intervention at the mental/spiritual level. The issue with this is that the available options involve two contradictions to the core values of an atheist. You can’t demand God to fix the problem of moral evil while preserving human freedom. The second contradiction is this. The demands God has of people are considered immoral yet these same demands are seen as moral when society uses them. The problem is not the fix but rather with the one doing the fixing. In summary, the logical form looks something like this: God is immoral for punishing people who perform wicked acts in order to deal with the problem of moral evil. Society is not immoral for punishing people who perform wicked acts in order to deal with the problem of moral evil. God permits evil in many cases (and yes even where babies are concerned) for purposes we are not meant to understand. Just because he allows innocent babies to die does not mean he doesn’t also love them. Just as he allows you freedom to speak against Christians yet still loves you. If God were to strike the evil done by Isis and perform unquestionable miracles in the face of all humanity there would be countless thousands rioting in the streets for the rights of Isis regardless of the punishment they deserved. Just as Jesus one healed a blind man on the sabbath the Jews reviled him for having done so on the sacred day of rest. Hello?! He healed a blind man with his bare hands! The point is, even in the face of miracles performed right in front of us we are still apt to try to understand such things by means of alternate explanation. It’s just the way we are. In truth, we are created with free will and God wants us to choose him but does not demand it of anyone. Ironic by the way that the name you list is Jesus.

  • Truth

    Something as complex and amazing as life was, to some of you, created by things miraculously being put together in the exact precise order by something hitting the earth. Yet the odds are substantially greater of me taking a watch apart, putting all of the individual pieces close to each other on the ground, picking up the spring, throwing it at the pieces in just the right way to make it all come together and work. You see, even the non believing scientists are now saying that something intelligent had to help.
    Just know, he still believes in you, even when you don’t believe in him.

  • Tonya Rash

    I think its disgusting that it is allowed displayed in anywhere. Just because you don’t believe in God does not mean you should be rude and hateful to people that do. You may believe its a fairytale but my faith in God is what gets me through each day. God has blessed me in too many ways to count and nothing you or a billboard can do or say will change that. What I don’t understand is why if you don’t believe you feel the need to make other people to not believe? I mean if you were feeling very strongly about something important I could see using the billboard to advertise it, but you are using it to to denounce something you don’t believe even exists, if it doesn’t exists then why work so hard to make others believe it does not exist? For you its like taking out a billboard to make people not believe in the tooth fairy.

  • Athiest and proud

    I find most of this funny. It does seem that it’s mostly the “christians” that are judging other on here and lumping them all into one category. All I have to say about anything being discussed is that I don’t care. I really don’t care if there is a “god” or not.

    • Athiest and proud

      I’m also pretty sure that several people that have made the comments about them trying to “convert people” into being atheist didn’t actually read the article.

      • Christian and Proud

        As an atheist you can defend the right for the billboard to be there and even the right to choice as the billboard poorly implies. What is offensive however is the manner in which it is done. There is no denying the message is an attack on Christians. The message approach is no better than someone breaking into my child’s room at night and whispering into their ear that they are adopted and that I am not the real parent. Guess what? If my children didn’t want to go to church (and it sometimes happens), I don’t force it on them. In my defense and many others like me, I also don’t assume every atheist is a liberal or all knowing egotistical sack of rusted hammers. Though most I’ve met seem to place themselves intellectually in a bracket that confounds normal human comprehension. I’ve actually met some very nice atheists who didn’t attack my choice of religion and we were able to hold long conversations about theology, evolution and science in a manner that wasn’t argumentative. In saying that, I acknowledge there are some exceptions to every group and you certainly may be one of those. It is important to also note that there are exceptions where Christians are concerned as well. I’ve spent a better part of my life in the studies of biology and science only to have my faith established through a very real and tangible Christian experience that I could not explain by means of any scientific principle. If nothing else comes of this transaction of words at least see the action of this billboard for what it really is and not what the group pretends it is for. It doesn’t take a great deal of intelligence to see it and any good atheist would resent such tactics as it only does harm to what most well intended atheists are trying to accomplish. And on that note, if you do agree with the billboard and insist on placing them in more places, you might try using an image of a child that doesn’t look demonic and as though she is planning exactly how to gut her parents in their sleep.

  • Daniel

    This may sound pedantic, but Danielle Muscato is a trans woman, which would have been easily noticed had the authors spent thirty seconds on Google. Sadly, they were either too lazy, too careless, or too mean spirited to refer to her with proper pronouns. I’m disappointed.

  • Richard S. Drake

    Honestly, what is the difference between this sort of atheist and a Baptist missionary?
    They both may deny it, but they are each shoving their particular world view on folks who may not be particularly interested in hearing it.

  • Faith

    They are just trying to draw attention and provoke a response from Christians. Treat it like a get off at the next exit to eat restaurant advertisement and move on.

  • Ros

    DANIELLE Muscato is a she, not a he. You should correct your article. It’s incredibly rude that you would do that.

    • Iam anon

      What is insulting is that this wacko man wants us to believe he is a woman. You probably agree with the billboard, also. You just can’t fix stupid.

  • b parson

    why fight so hard and spend so much money on something they don’t believe in. I don’t believe in Bigfoot, but I don’t spend time or money trying to convince others.

  • Bam! That just happened

    Atheists are scared to death of something they don’t even believe in, you can’t help but laugh at these people. Talk about an identity crisis, I mean why would these people try to steer people away from something if they don’t believe in it? Sounds like satanic worshipers in disguise to me.

  • Marie

    Sooo What is the Point. They Don’t believe in Anything and they Don’t Want anyone else too?
    Think about it. You have Got believe in God or you have Nothing to base your hate on. How can you Hate or be Against something that ‘doesn’t Exist’? I dislike Atheist and Liberals, But I have Admit they Exist.

  • J Cooper

    The funny part of this billboard is that obviously the atheists didn’t use their “science-based reasoning” when they made this one up. They address the memory of a factual person who did wonderful things for children years ago by trying to denounce the act of worshipping another proven person of history who not only led His followers in a lifestyle promoting love and peace but also the concept of personal freedom of choice for them to choose to not believe in Him.

  • Michael Jeffery

    What is a church afraid of …. isn’t a god on their side? Or, must they continue to defend the non-evidential invisible agent? Of course they must continue to defend fantasy. Throughout history it is man who thinks he is god, who has been the gods defender. Since gods are merely mans imagination.

  • Lucy

    I challenge one person here to show me a billboard that disparages atheists that is paid for by a Christian organization. And when you are able to, tell me why people can’t just live and let live without hurling insults towards a group of people like this billboard does?

    • Alton Q Byers

      Lucy you wont find one. You also wont find one where the Atheist attack the Muslims or any other religious group other than Christians. It has little to do with religion and everything to do with politics.

      • redeemedinchristschocolate

        Actually, yeah, there was. Just last year in Times Square a Christian organization put up a billboard that said “To our Atheist friends, thank God you’re wrong.” Don’t act all high and mighty.

  • Mike-Carol Davis Sonnier

    If you don’t believe in God, that’s your privilege. This nation gives you that freedom. Many of us don’t believe in life on other planets and little alien creatures, either, but we don’t put up billboards and file lawsuits denouncing those who do. Why expend so much of your money, time and and energy trying to debunk something you don’t believe exists? Why not spend your billboard and lawsuit money and time on parks, feeding the hungry and homeless and making your world a better place?

  • Jaggar

    77% of people in the US are Christian. Enough said. Who cares about what these people think or say. A billboard is not going to taint my child and their upbringing. I just wish they would leave the Christians alone. They said if we don’t like the billboard, then don’t look at it. Well, that is a two way street. If you don’t like looking at the ten commandments, don’t at them. If you don’t like prayers at school, don’t participate. Don’t try to stop others from their beliefs because you don’t believe in anything. I pray for your children because this is the attitude that has kids a mess.

  • Irene Monroe

    How disgusting that your news reporters show such a discriminatory bias and do not want to call Danielle female or refer to her with female pronouns in your own personal retaliation. You should edit your column and refer to Danielle as a woman, as that is what Danielle is and wants to be referred to. Do some research of your own and be impartial.

  • dmac

    WOW i see religion is a contact sport!!! i believe i will stick with spirituality and mother nature, yall need a hug lol

  • robert mahorney

    This is what has happened in our schools you complain that this offends Christians and the atheist claim symbols of Christianity offends them. So they make it illegal to have any religious symbols in view or even discussed in public. Is that what you want. If one side is censored all sides must be censored To be fair. You maybe arguing yourself out of your own rights or religious expression. If we all band together and change things maybe it will be punishable to even wear any religious symbols. Don’t cut off your own nose to spite your face live and let live. that is freedom

    • Wizard of Woo

      “Ha Ha they believe in Santa but not God well that just shows you how smart they are lol this made me laugh”
      Ha Ha this is so far over your head, it shows how smart you aren’t. It’s hard to believe this would be over anyone’s head, but yeah, you made me laugh…

  • Twitch

    Whatever ignorant atheists put this up obviously don’t know that Santa Claus is derived from the real life Saint Nicholas, who is honored on December 6th (or the 19th if you’re Orthodox). Even some Protestant denominations honor Saint Nicholas.
    So these self-proclaimed atheists still believe in Saint Nicholas and still celebrate the birthday of our Lord and Savior. Actually, Jesus was most likely born in the spring (because it was during a census) but we celebrate it on December 25th as a way to spite the Mithraists, who had a habit of setting up their temples next to churches and trying to poach believers.
    Another interesting fact about the season is that the Greek word that in our Bibles is translated as ‘inn’ actually literally means guest room; there’s a different word that means a commercial inn. So what likely actually happened is that Joseph took Mary to one of his (many) relatives in Bethleham (being from that town afterall) and because someone else was staying in the guest room (and also because Mary was pregnant and expecting and giving birth is very messy) Mary and Joseph stayed in the stable beneath the house (because, as is noted later, the shepherds were out in the fields with the flocks as in those days and in that region, houses were built over stables because the animals were how the house was heated, which is further evidence of why it was spring as the flocks would not have been out in the winter.)

  • Leten Uno

    You people miss the entire point. The bible was considered the truth for two millennium. It’s simple and some you use it anyway. Paraphrasing. on’t steal, covet, lust, be a drunk, hate… forgive people, do unto others..

    What you are missing is church is full of good people. Willing to help the poor, hungry and those in need. That’s what it’s about here on earth. If the Magic Guy in the Sky story is true then great those who followed are rewarded. If it’s not, the good that people of the church did is still good.
    Jesus, God, Allah, Mohammed, did show up in joplin after the tornado. But over people of faith from over 100 churches did show up on the ground. They brought water, clothes, food, cash. They provided shelter, help people relocated. Help by donating their learned skills in construction, healthcare, computers, whatever.
    Today Jesus is not on the ground in Joplin. But people of faith still go. Every Saturday there is at least one church who has continued to send people.
    Everyone in the church knows the mystery and non-belief of Magic Guy in the Sky. But the good that surrounds that discipline cant’ be touched. It’s beyond reproach. How many atheists rallied the forces and worked at, donated food, gave cash, clothes and cared about those less fortunate. I don’t know, but I can tell you this time of year all the churches are doing it. Because the message is sometimes greater than the messenger. Good reigns.
    Skip church, skip the fairy tale.. but you won’t find this much good and good deeds anywhere.

  • Carmen Saturno

    If you cannot see someone’s heart hidden within their body, does that mean they have no heart? Likewise, if you cannot see God hidden within His people, does that mean He does not exist? Belief in the unseen, such is the basis of faith.

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