Car Wreck On Fort Smith I-540 Bridge

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) - Arkansas State Police responded Wednesday morning 7:40 a.m. to the scene of two crashes involving four vehicles on the Interstate 540 Bridge, according to authorities.

Traffic coming into Fort Smith to Van Buren came to a stop for an hour. A collison of three vehicles rear- ended each other in the right hand lane. It had cars in the left hand lane stop but one didn't. This resulted in the four car collison.

"The first three cars all got stopped and then the fourth car came along and rear ended the third car then a chain reaction into the other two," said Coporal Dale Howard with the Arkansas State Police.

The airbag in the third vehicle deployed, but no one was taken to the hospital by an ambulance.

Southbound lanes were heavily blocked , leaving traffic at a standstill. Traffic later opened up after the scene was cleared.

Howard said when its wet on the roads you have to keep a safe distance between you and the car in front of you.

Authorities said one driver was taken to the hospital with a possible injury. Police said the driver was citied for not keeping a safe distance.





  • Tears

    It’s a straight shot over the bridge. Why can people not drive a straight line without causing a crash? Idiots.

    • Chris

      it’s a straight shot but most people take their foot off the gas and decelerate when they get on the bridge. Rare is the day that I don’t have to hit my brakes because the flow of traffic slows down before it crests the top of the bridge.

      • B Ross

        Yep, I have never understood why people slow down when they get to the bridge. It’s almost like they’re afraid to cross.

  • Sean

    It’s safe to say easily 75% of motorists need to go to a legitimate driving school.

    If you’re playing traffic cop, waving people through…stop it you’re doing more harm than good. That’s what the lights and signs are for.

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