Crawford County Mom Remembers The Day Her Father Killed Her Children

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ALMA (KFSM)- A year after her children and fiancé were killed by her father, a Crawford County woman returned to the scene of the shooting.

Ashley Adams' friends and family held a candle light vigil on Wednesday (Dec. 3).

“When I ran out I had seen that he had shot my fiancé,” Adams said, describing this day one year ago. “He told me to move so he could shoot my son. He said 'No I have one more shot for you, watch this.' My dad bent down on his knees and pointed at my four-year-old daughter and shot her.”

The vigil was held at the home on Old Rudy Road near Alma where the deadly shooting took place. Investigators with the Crawford County Sheriff's Office said Adams' father, Tim Adams, pulled the trigger, then he turned the gun on himself after the killings.

“Maybe jealousy, maybe the devil found a weak spot and possessed him to do something like this,” Adams said. “He had done drugs and alcohol.”

The victims were identified by the sheriff as Michael Williams, 31, Kierra Adams, 4, and Chastyn Williams, who was four months old.

“I hoped for a blonde, blue-eyed little girl and that's exactly what I got,” Adams said. “I didn't get to see the first crawl, the sit up, the roll over, the first bite of baby food."

5NEWS asked Adams what she would tell her father today.

“I love him and I forgive him,” Adams said.


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