Grand Jury Votes Not To Charge Cop In Eric Garner Death

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NEW YORK (CBSNews)- A grand jury has declined to indict a New York City police officer who used an apparent chokehold on a man who died after the confrontation on Staten Island, CBS News has confirmed.

Eric Garner, a father of six, died in July after police officer Daniel Pantaleo attempted to arrest him for allegedly selling loose, untaxed cigarettes.

The grand jury began reviewing evidence in the case on Sept. 29.

Jonathon Moore, an attorney for the victim’s family, said Wednesday he is “astonished by the decision.”

In cellphone video of the Garner incident, Pantaleo is seen placing his arm around Garner’s neck and then taking him to the ground after Garner refuses to be handcuffed.

Garner is heard saying repeatedly, “I can’t breathe!” He died a short time later.

The New York City Medical Examiner’s office ruled Garner’s death a homicide, caused by the officer’s apparent chokehold as well as chest and neck compressions and prone positioning “during physical restraint by police.”

An independent forensic investigator hired by the Garner family also agreed with the medical examiner’s findings.

The use of chokeholds is banned in the New York Police Department. In September, Commissioner Bill Bratton said in September that officers will get annual training on use of force tactics.

Garner’s death was among a series of controversial fatal confrontations this year between police and young African-American males. The city has seen ongoing protests since a grand jury in St. Louis County, Mo. declined on Nov. 22 to indict Darren Wilson, a police officer accused of killing teen Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Mo.

New York police have been preparing for days for the possibility of widespread protests in reaction to the grand jury decision.


    • John

      If you’re wilfully blind, you won’t see. Are you saying the only reasonable outcome is your death if you disobey a police order? Would you say the same thing if a woman had resisted the FPD’s own Stiles & been murdered?

      • Get Real

        One of several facts liberals like to ignore in situations like this, John, is once you are placed under arrest, the level of force required to affect that arrest is determined by the subject. Garner was going to be handcuffed and taken to jail. The place to argue your case is before a judge, not with the police. Right there, right then, you, me, or Garner, is not going to win. Garner determined the force necessary for his arrest, and was the cause of his own demise. The problem in the black community is not the police, it’s the black community.

  • velda

    Let me guess, NYC will go up in flames tonight?

    Cops are killed all the time. When you fight a cop, you just might get shot.

    This guy died of a heart attack that was caused from blockages in his coronary arteries. Sure his altercation caused the heart attack to come a bit sooner, days, weeks, but in no way did these cops murder the decedent.

    I don’t like the bad cops, but I know not to fight with a cop. 99% of the time, just do what you are ask to do and you will be fine. Pull over, flip the dome light on, put your hand on the steering wheel and don’t reach for anything.

    Fight with the cop and you will likely get tazered or shoot.

    • arnold fudpucker

      It is very simple isn’t it. These vermin just want to take issue with something so they have an excuse to loot and destroy.

      • John

        Casting this as a black entitlement issue says way more about you than anything in the story. Go back yo the hills bub a.

    • Candace

      He didn’t fight though. He only said, “don’t touch me.” And I’m sure his family would have treasured any extra time he would have had on this planet. If it had happened to your family I’m sure you wouldn’t say “oh well they were going to die anyway!”

  • Robert T. Drake

    I can now predict with almost 100% certainty the stories this “news” site posts. Everything in the liberal agenda is put on full display, but any story about Obama and the failures and scandals that seem to happen every day are off limits. The irony is these jacka**es think they’re pulling the wool over our eyes.

  • arnold fudpucker

    I never mentioned black, you did so you must be a bigot or dumb or both. You read things in to everything? Go back to school, work on your attention span and graduate this time.

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