Greenwood Police Headquarters Construction Ahead Of Schedule

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GREENWOOD (KFSM)- The Greenwood Police Department will soon call the construction site on 250 Old Hackett Road its new home.

The 20 officers on the force currently operate out of a small space inside City Hall.

"We'll be able to expand and do a lot of things that we weren't able to do before,” Greenwood Police Chief Will Dawson said.

Once the project’s complete, the Greenwood Police Headquarters will feature two interview rooms, two holding cells, a lab to process evidence and a training room.

“So far they have completed the building pad for the addition of the project," Michael Lejong, owner of MAHG Architecture said. "They're looking to begin construction coming out of the ground next week.”

The new headquarters has also been designed under Leadership for Energy and Environmental Design Guidelines and portions of the building being taken down are being recycled or re-purposed for other projects, Lejong said.

"The project in the beginning didn't intend for that much to come off," Dawson said. "But as they got into the project they found that a lot of the material wasn't up to par for allowing it to stay in the project."

The old facility was once a post office and most recently a physical therapy building.

"Instead of things being taken away they should start seeing stuff added from here on out,” Dawson said.

The $2.8 million project will be funded by a quarter-cent sales tax over the next 20 years, but Dawson said it should be paid off sooner.

“Basically if you make a purchase in Greenwood at a store, part of that sale you pay goes to fund this project,” he said.

Workers will begin concrete work and masonry next week. The project’s ahead of schedule, and is now expected to be complete by July 2015.

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