Police: Pantless Man Arrested In Park, Said He Was “Trying To Make A Phone Call”

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PRAIRIE GROVE (KFSM) – A pantless Mulberry man was arrested in a Prairie Grove park on Dec. 2 at 11 p.m., and when police asked him what he was doing, he said he was trying to make a phone call, according to an arrest report.

David Brown, 48, was booked into the Washington County Detention Center on Dec. 3 at 6:51 a.m., according to the jail’s intake report. He faces charges of possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and indecent exposure, the jail’s intake report states.

On Dec. 2, police found a vehicle parked at Roadside Park at Highway 62 West and Highway 59 South, according to the arrest report. That particular area has had problems in the past with illegal activity, so, police routinely patrol it, the report states.

An officer approached the vehicle and found Brown inside. The officer saw that Brown was wearing a “small woman’s top” and no pants or undergarments, according to the report.

The officer also noticed Brown had a “lingerie/girly magazine” with him in the car, the report states.

When asked what he was doing there in the park, Brown said he was trying to make a phone call, but he was unable to give the officer a logical explanation for not wearing pants, according to the report.

Brown was asked to step out of his vehicle, and the officer asked him if there was anything illegal in the car, the report states. Brown said there wasn’t but denied the officer consent to search the car, the report states.

A K-9 unit was called to the area because the officer believed there was something illegal in the vehicle due to Brown acting “nervous,” according to the report.

Brown is a registered level-three sex offender, according to the Arkansas Crime Information Center. He has a history of indecent exposure in the past, the report states.

The K-9 unit arrived and alerted officers to illegal content in the vehicle, according to the report. An officer again asked Brown if anything illegal was in the vehicle, and he admitted he had five grams of marijuana and a small marijuana pipe in the car, the report states.

Officers found the pot and pipe, and Brown was taken into custody, according to the report.

His first hearing is scheduled for Dec. 5 at 12 p.m., and he is being held on a $2,570 bond, jail records state.


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