Springdale Student Wins A Ride To School In Fire Truck

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) - A second grade student at Harp Elementary School in Springdale got to ride in a fire truck to school on Wednesday (Dec. 3).

8-year-old Jaiden Griffin entered a contest at school to win a ride in a fire truck, and he won. He said it was an unforgettable day, because he got to ride in a fire truck for the first time.

"I got to talk to them up front with headphones and stuff," he said.

Students had to develop and draw a fire escape plan for their house, and the school principal picked a winner.

"My mom did the drawing and I just did the writing," Griffin said.

The Springdale Fire Department offered the Win-A-Ride Program to all Springdale Elementary Schools.

"The hopes we have for the program is that everybody will have a fire escape plan for their house," said Capt. David Kissinger with the Springdale Fire Department. "We want a lot of participation, so we've tried to make them have a good prize at the end."

The winners get picked up at their home before school and taken to a fire station for a tour and pictures.

"All of the guys at the fire stations will interact with them," Kissinger said. "We will show them all of the equipment and what we do. We show them the fire station and they just have a good time."

Jaiden spent Wednesday morning at Station 5, where he got to learn about the duties of firefighters and had some fun along the way.

"I got to eat doughnuts and watch tv," he said.

The Springdale Fire Department gave 14 students rides to school. Wednesday's ride was the final one.