Suspect In Springdale Gunfight Appears In Court

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Leon Roberson (Courtesy: Washington County Jail)

SPRINGDALE (KFSM) – Leon Roberson, 20, had a court hearing at the Washington County Detention Center Monday (Dec. 8). Springdale Police said he and Marcus Gould, 25, robbed C & S Gun and Pawn Shop at gunpoint on Saturday morning (Dec. 6).

According to police, 74-year-old Shirley Cornett shot Gould. Cornett and her husband, Clint, own the store.

Roberson’s next court date is Jan. 9, 2015. He remains in jail on $250,000 bond.

Police said Gould and Roberson are in custody after robbing the store carrying semi-automatic pistols. They said Cornett pulled out her .38 revolver and shot Gould in the arm as he was jumping over the counter towards her husband, Clint.

Owner Clint Cornett spoke to 5NEWS about the incident at their home Sunday night. Cornett said his wife was still very shaken up and said the bullet that Gould fired back at her hit a stack of books on the counter, then hit her chest. He said the bullet did not break her skin.

Police said both men are facing attempted capital murder charges, as well as aggravated robbery charges. As of Sunday night (Dec. 7), Fort Smith police said Gould is still recovering at the hospital with a security detail.

Records show Roberson has been arrested several times in the past for robbery, burglary and theft.

According to the preliminary arrest report, Gould and Roberson are from California. The report states a search warrant was obtained for Roberson’s vehicle. Police said they found a stolen bracelet, two handguns, bloody clothes, a bus ticket from Los Angeles to Fort Smith, and a black duffle bag containing duct tape.

For more information on the attempted armed robbery, click here.


  • Ancient Fairy Tales

    Springdale…the best city in Arkansas to raise a family…won awards two years in a row!!! Lol l lol lol. WHAT A CESSPOOL OF A TOWN!!!

  • velda

    The owner’s would have likely been killed if they didn’t stand up and protect themselves.

    A kid at a Papa John’s in Tennessee was just murdered by two black guys just like these two. The kid was 100% compliant and huge cameras were all over in open sight along with a TV monitor showing that the cameras were real. This poor kid had no way to defend himself. His name was Gordon Schaffer, 22.
    He was killed last month and they have not caught the guys yet. This would have been the same case at the Pawnshop if the owners didn’t fight for their lives.

  • Marie

    These two ‘Innocent’ young boys of color, WOULD HAVE MURDERED BOTH OF THE STORE OWNERS, if they had not been stopped. You know that and so do I.

    • Arkansasuux

      I’m surprised that the state didn’t charge the owners for attempted murder…that’s what usually happens when you try to defend yourself…unless of course…your a punk cop

      • Velda

        I’m sure the thug in the hospital will file a law suit against the owner’s insurance company for “excessive force, personal injury, loss of sensation of his arm, pain and suffering, mental anguish, on and on”. This trash was from California and would have killed business owners as to leave no witness behind. Dozens of unprotected and helpless store owners are executed weekly in the USA. NWA has been basically crime free up until the past few years and thugs are coming in for the easy taking. Thank God this elderly couple stood up and fought for their lives, maybe thugs will think twice before they hit the next NWA business. I’m heading to their business to support them and thank them for standing up for NWA and being so brave.

  • na

    You ppl always got something to say when it’s a person of color commits a crime.But I didn’t see any of you saying anything about the white guy that robbed the Hardees.all of you are sad ppl.if your against crime be against crime.not just because the person is of a certain color!

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