Woman Says Her Samsung Phone Exploded, Caught Bed On Fire

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Courtesy: Hope Casserly

(KFSM) – A Canadian woman says that her Samsung phone exploded while she was sleeping next to it, and her bed caught fire as a result.

Hope Casserly’s Galaxy Ace II smartphone was placed on her bedside table for the night (not plugged in), and the battery “exploded” while she was asleep, waking her up with a loud popping noise, according to a post on her Facebook account.

She said the battery exploded, caught fire and burnt her mattress and bed, the post states.

The phone was purchased in 2013 and was just over one year old, according to the post.

CBC reported that Samsung investigated the claim and came to the conclusion she was using an unauthorized battery, which Samsung recommends against.

Casserly disagreed with Samsung’s findings on her Facebook post, stating, the battery was given to her by Samsung.

To see a full album of pictures from Casserly, click here.

Courtesy: Hope Casserly

Courtesy: Hope Casserly


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