Greenwood Stabbing Suspect Has Dec. 15 Court Date

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GREENWOOD (KFSM) – A 19-year-old Greenwood man is being held without bond after police say he stabbed his stepfather Monday.

Lane Christian was booked Monday night into the Sebastian County Detention Center, where he remains without bond. His next court date is scheduled for Dec. 15, according to the Sebastian County Sheriff’s Office.

Greenwood police said Christian stabbed his stepfather, Jerry Primm, while trying to break up an argument between Primm and Christian’s mother. Primm suffered a “bad slash” on his arm that was non-life-threatening, police said. Primm was released from the hospital Monday afternoon and is described by police as being in good shape.

Christan faces a charge of first-degree domestic battery. Police said the stabbing happened at a duplex on Allynne Court.

“The suspect was sitting on the porch of the apartment,” said Det. Joey Deer. “Due to the statements made by the victim and the Arkansas Domestic Abuse Laws, (police) went ahead and took him into custody at that time and obtained consent to search the residence and took photographs of the crime scene and found the weapon involved.”

Deer said the incident happened in the living room. He said the gash on Primm’s arm was about three inches deep and the entire width of his arm.


  • Richard S. Drake

    It would be interesting to hear everything about this case.
    Is his stepfather a domestic abuser, by any chance?
    It would be ironic if the would-be “rescuer” went to jail, and the mother was still in danger.

    • Iam anon

      There is always more than what you read. It would be nice to be a fly on the wall so I would know everything that happened, but even that would be tainted by my own prejudices.

  • Colby

    After the mother and stepfather fusing back and fourth things started turning aggressively worse. Mom told the step dad to leave he refused to do so and more words were exchanged. The step-father was becoming more unstable as time went by. He started knocking thing around. Although he had not put his hands on the mother as of yet. The 19 year old woke up to the noise of things being knocked around. While in his room he was not sure what was going on so he got up and grab his knife. He was scared for his mom safety than the stepfather focused his frustrated on the 19 year old because he wielded the knife. The step father screamed what do you think your going to do with that. Then shouted will than come on and do it. The 19 year old said I don’t want to hurt you just stop. The stepfather charged at him than the physical altercation began.

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