Tyson Plant Neighbors Concerned After Ammonia Leak

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ROGERS (KFSM)- Twenty-five people were hospitalized Wednesday (Dec. 10) after an ammonia leak at a Tyson plant in Rogers, according to officials.

People who live near the plant said they were concerned because the plant is about a block away from Rogers Heritage High School.

"We heard kind of a pop," said parent Lee-Ann Hartinger.

Hartinger and her family live near the plant at 400 W. Olrich St.

"We heard a bunch of sirens coming,” Hartinger said. “There must have been seven fire trucks and 10 ambulances down there. They had all of the plant evacuated, they were spilling out on to the street."

Hartinger is no stranger that kind of scene. The Tyson plant was also evacuated because of an ammonia leak in August of 2013.

"Think of a propane tank and think if somebody kicked the cap off,” Hartinger said. “How it rushes out that sound that high pitch it's almost like a squeal. Someone came after that to ask is if we had any burning eyes or nausea, we didn't."

Fire officials said the surrounding area near the plant was never in any danger.

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  • Richard S. Drake

    The local media offer up very lazy reporting on these ammonia leaks. They are serious business, and we have been having way too many of them lately.
    I have worked – in my wayward youth – in plants with ammonia tanks. It is foul stuff.

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