“Will Show Her Evil” Joshua Melton Tells Ex-Girlfriend

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BENTONVILLE (KFSM)-The Bentonville Police Department released court documents Wednesday (Dec. 10) showing text messages Joshua Melton sent to an ex-girlfriend prior to his arrest Tuesday (Dec. 9) on school property on suspicion of carrying a weapon and harassment of a junior high school assistant principal.

The former Razorback football player, who was acquitted of second-degree murder Dec. 4, was arrested just before 1 p.m. in the parking lot of Lincoln Jr. High School following a call to police from his ex-girlfriend, the arrest documents state. The woman told police she and Melton had been in a long-term relationship in the past, but had since split up, according to the affidavit.

Melton's ex-girlfriend told officers he had been making threatening statements against an employee at the school, who has been identified as Tacuma Williams, the affidavit states. According to the Lincoln Jr. High School staff directory, Williams is an assistant principal.

The woman said Melton had sent her a picture via text of the back of Williams' car while it was parked in the school parking lot, as well as a text stating "oh and I have my knife with me," the documents state. Melton suspected Williams and his ex-girlfriend were in an intimate relationship, which the woman denied, according to the affidavit.

Police said they notified the school about the possible confrontation and sent an officer to the scene. According to court documents, Melton's ex-girlfriend also notified Williams via text about the threats.

A Lincoln Jr. High School resource officer made contact with Melton as he was walking toward the school, according to the affidavit. Melton told officers that he was there to ask Williams "a couple of question," the documents state.

"It wasn't that a person was coming up to do harm to children," Bentonville School District Superintendent Mike Poore said. "[He] had a problem or wanted to talk to one of our employees, but there's kind of concerns behind that."

Melton allowed officers to search his vehicle for his hunting knife, which police found under the front driver's seat, the affidavit stated.

Investigators contacted Melton's ex-girlfriend, who told them she was scared of Melton and he had been abusive with her in the past, according to the documents. She also told officers Melton told her via text that he was going to see some of her boyfriends before he left town, the affidavit states. He also said, "you have made me crazy for the last time" and told her that he "will show her evil" if she wanted him to, according to the affidavit.

The affidavit states that because Melton was on the premises for no legitimate reason and caused alarmed, officers arrested Melton on suspicion of loitering. Police said they also had probable cause to add charges of harassment and carrying a weapon against Melton because he placed Williams under surveillance outside of the school for no other purpose than to harass, alarm or annoy him and Melton was armed with a knife, which he portrayed as a weapon.

To see the arrest affidavit in its entirety, click here.

Superintendent Poore said the safety of the students and employees is the district's top priority.

"[Williams] has not done anything wrong," Poore said. "He is the victim in this situation and of course we want to protect that individual as well as protecting our school and our children."


Tacuma Williams, assistant principal at Lincoln Jr. High School (courtesy: Lincoln Jr. High School staff directory)

Tacuma Williams, assistant principal at Lincoln Jr. High School (courtesy: Lincoln Jr. High School staff directory)

Poore said the district sent an email to parents, notifying them of the situation. Parent Lori Buchanan said she appreciated the school's quick response.

"The school faced with a sad moment knew exactly what to do," she said. "And they responded promptly and quickly and rightly. I'm very grateful that he was prevented from hurting anybody, for his sake and everyone's sake."

The charges Melton is facing are all misdemeanors. He is at the Benton County Detention Center awaiting a bond hearing. According to the affidavit, the Bentonville city attorney is asking that his bond be set at $10,000.

On Dec. 4, a Washington County jury found Melton not guilty of second-degree murder in the death of Michael Gover.


  • unbelievable

    How could any juror acquit him to begin with. He BEAT a man to death. It’s not like he shot with out thinking he BEAT the man to death. That is pure evil!! I wonder how many crimes of passion he has to commit to be put away. this man is EVIL!!!!

    • PW

      That’s not what the medical examiner said. Was his evaluation mistaken? I can only assume that you were there assisting with the autopsy and have some valuable insight that you can share with us?

      • Paul

        Come on.. The medical examiner provided just enough info to acquit the guy on essentially technicalities..the evidence was there but not quite enough to convict… The guy is obviously sick.. And have you ever beaten somebody bad enough to kill them.. Or even gotten close to that point?? This guy needs to be locked up.. Period!!

      • unbelievable

        I was there for the trial. the POS had admitted what he did. He’s a sick sick POS that needs to be put away. I guess you can defend him when he kills someone else!


      He sounds like a stand up guy. It’s a good thing he got acquitted of murder (sarcasm). It’s a good thing he wasn’t selling cigarettes or he might be dead now instead he kills another man and gets away with it (reality).


        If this would’ve have been a Black or Hispanic man, he would’ve been convicted. Sad that our wonderful justice system does not work the same for everyone. Instead of convicting this guy they’ve giving him a license to now behave however he wants, and now he thinks he can away with it.

  • I can't breathe

    What was the point in showing the victim’s picture? How was that helpful for the story? This article makes me want to switch news providers.

  • Fibromyalgia is FAKE

    Melton is “small/micro” in the bedroom way and this is eating him alive. He got by with murder and figures he can do what ever he wants now. If he was normal size or large, then he’d have no problems with his self image andimag thus would have never went crazy. Size is everything and he knows he can’t compete with the other guy pictured above.

  • ZenithAuron (@ZenithAuron)

    REMEMBER JO JACKSON?(UofA ALUM, HUBBY ON THE BOARD OF TRUSTEE’S) ,4DWI’S AND A MURDERER GETS HERSELF TIME SERVED!, CAN’T GO A YEAR WITHOUT CATCHING 3 MORE? GETS 1 YEAR IN JAIL? BUCK BUCKLEY ON HIS 4TH GOT 18 YEARS! The 20 year old who ran into a house killing sleeping 91 yr old, while he was DWI?? 20 years! Don’t tell me they serve the common man. Don’t even try, the common man gets prison every time.. EVERY TIME OFFICER STILES? RAPING IN UNIFORM? YA HE GOT 5 YEARS PROBATION. LOL FAYETTEVILLE JUSTICE IS FRACKING RIDICULOUS

  • Klint

    What a huge piece of shit this guy is. Waste of space that got away with murder. Says he’s “leaving town”…hopefully to an east coast town near me. If I were responsible for producing such a turd, I’d have him put down & never mark the hole he gets laid in. Men like this, cuff the progression of society, and aren’t needed in any facet of life.

  • Christie

    Does the title ex Razorback Football Player have anything to do with the fact that he wasn’t charged with murdering his friend?? He needs to be locked up for society’s safety.

  • Rick

    I am confussed report says ex-girlfriend but shows a picture of a male victum. Since he his a male victum should it read ex-boyfriend??

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