Police: Four Arrested After Child Brings Marijuana To School

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)- Four people were arrested Tuesday (Dec. 16) after officials at Tilles Elementary School in Fort Smith found a six-year-old student brought a small bag of suspected marijuana with him, according to a news release from the Fort Smith Police Department.

The department’s Narcotics Division searched the boy’s home on 1917 N. K St. and arrested four adults for endangering the welfare of a minor and possession of marijuana, which carry a $2,000 bond, the release states. The arrests included the child’s mother, Tyana Lewis, 29, the child’s grandmother, Montresa Lewis Jones, 51, the grandmother’s boyfriend, Preston Jones, 56, and the child’s uncle, Dwayne Lewis, 44, according to the release.

A parole hold was placed on Dwayne Lewis, which carries no bond, and the child was placed into the custody of the Department of Human Services, the release states.


  • bobreal

    Hope They Lock the Four Adults away for 20yrs each… An put the Child in a safe home an tell them to stay away from their; daughter, granddaughter, niece…

  • roberto

    Basically, they are in the most trouble since the child had unrestricted free access to the drug. I seriously don’t think a 20 year sentence is called for. That is the problem with the prison system Overcrowded with non violent drug offenders while a lot of violent criminals and pedophiles are running the streets. Sean your post is a little vague, maybe you can elaborate. I would be careful though, you can be found libel for slander.

  • Fibromyalgia Girl 69 Disability

    Drug parents would rather give into the carnal pleasures of getting high vs properly raising and supporting their own kids, the kids see all this and repeat the cycle of drug and taxpayer dependency.

    This makes me sick. Get off the drugs, get a job, become a role model for your kids, fight with everything you have to give them a better life than what you had. No one said it would be easy.

    • judy

      fibro: a little preachy aren’t we? how do you know they don’t already have jobs? your overall advice is well taken, but it’s easy to be condescending when you’re on the other side. sure they did the wrong thing as parents. just be sure your own affairs are in order before you start pointing the finger & play holier than thou

      • Ishmail Dentor

        Typical actions of a drug using idiot. Look at them. Combine the intelligence of the entire group and they would still be as dumb as a bag of hammers. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised that they were not letting the little one use the drugs just like the so called grownups. That was probably his personal bag.

    • John

      Actually, Mr.Ms. Dentor, many educated, intelligent people (however one defines “intelligence”) use recreational drugs such as alcohol. And how do you know that these folk are lacking in intelligence; do you have a supernatural ability to discern cognitive ability by merely looking at people?
      Someone allowed a child access to drugs, yes. That, however, hardly commands a hurling of the proverbial book. And it certainly doesn’t justify racist, boorish behavior.

    • arnold fudpucker

      Funny. those four look like they would be the marching types. No job, plenty of time to whine and complain.

  • Tokin' Teacher

    C’mon, this was just an isolated event, they’re black, so freakin’ what? I’ve got two Masters degrees, raised a family, taught 27 years, and enjoy toking. Lighten up folks. Oooops, got to go…its almost 4:20 :)

  • forgive them

    Maaannn…there not bad people just cause that happen.racist white or whoever mfz.god need to come back to send all racist folks to hell.shit its legal and some states soooo stf up .

    • Fibromyalgia Girl 69 Disability

      It isn’t the fact that it is legal or not. The fact that it takes money away from the kids us what bothers me. These are the kind of parents who take angle tree Christmas gifts back to Walmart to get a gift card to buy cigarettes.

      • Watcher

        This activity should never happen around children PERIOD! But this is 5news comment section. There are common racial overtones when people with more pigment are in the news.

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