Woman Turns To Facebook To Help Foster Child Experience Christmas

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CECIL (KFSM)-A community comes together to help give a four-year-old foster child his first Christmas.

Lynda Molton's niece and her fiancé took the boy into their care last month after a tough upbringing.

“It's actually a relative on his side of the family, and we just heard about him and heard about his story and our hearts just got big,” Molton said.

She took the boy to her church, and told 5NEWS he had never seen a Christmas tree before.  She said he expressed gratitude just to be able to put an ornament on a tree.  Soon after that, another family member took the boy to Walmart.

“She took him to the toy aisle, and she said now you can just pick anything you want, and he picked a ball just a simple little ball,” Molton said.

One day while shopping with Molton's niece, the little boy saw a motorized police car. The car was out of her budget, so Molton took to Facebook to see if she could track down a used one someone’s child didn't need anymore. Then a friend of Moulton’s shared her post.

“In 15 minutes she had raised the $300 to buy him the brand new little car,” Mouton said.

The word has spread since Molton’s post on social media, and toys, clothes and other gifts have poured in.

It's Molton's hope that her story helps other kids in need this holiday as well.

“There are so many other kids out there that I know that are needy that maybe isn't get anything for Christmas, and this happened so quickly just one little message on my Facebook page, it just skyrocketed,” she said.

If you’d like to reach out to the family on Facebook, click here.

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  • zztopperman

    Awesome! Just what every four year old needs, to have his “wants” fulfilled before he ever learns about what he really “needs”! Very fortunate that he’s able to have expensive “stuff” now, after all, that’s the American way! Haven’t those of us more fortunate that always had parents wealthy enough to buy us everything we wanted learned what life is all about because of all the junk under the Christmas tree? Hopefully this little tike will be really blessed to learn the true meaning of Christmas one day….it’s most certainly not about $300 toys!

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