Victim Identified In Siloam Springs Shooting Death

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SILOAM SPRINGS (KFSM) - The Benton County Sheriff's Office has identified the victim in a shooting death near Siloam Springs.

The victim is Tim Meehan Sr., 54, according to an email on Saturday (Dec. 27) from Benton County Deputy Keshia Guyll. She said authorities are questioning a person of interest in the shooting death, but would not release the name of the suspect.

The man's body was discovered Friday (Dec. 26) at his residence at 15554 Airport Road just east of Siloam Springs across from the city's municipal airport, Cecil Smith Field, officials said.

The death is being investigated as a homicide, Guyll said. "It's very obvious this is not a suicide," she added.

The man was found in the bedroom of his house with a single gunshot wound to the head, Guyll said. The sheriff's office received the 911 call at 10 a.m. on Friday from a family member inside the house, according to Guyll.

"Some of the weapons found in the home were sent off to have ballistics testing," Guyll said. "So hopefully we can have some of those results in the next few days."

Guyll said investigators are interviewing the victim's friends and family.

"We have a lot of stories of, 'Well, I left and came back and left and came back, and it was Christmas Day,'" Guyll said. "So there's just a lot of going and leaving and lots of people that are involved."

The victim's body has been sent to the Arkansas State Crime Lab, according to Guyll.


  • Kelly Scott Fibromyalgia 69

    It seems like a crazy guy is going around in Siloam and killing people. A few years ago it seems like hehe killed a kiki(18-19) year old boy that was home from college for a minor surgery. Hopefully they will catch this crazy guy before he befkills again, that is if it us the same wacko, either way I hope the law enforcement catches the killer soon

    • Kelly Scott Fibromyalgia 69

      The murder victim from the 2011 slaughtering was named Dustin Chamberland if I remember correctly.
      Siloam used to be a safe place to live, but since the refugees came up from the hurricane, crime has multiplied 100 fold. They have destroyed the baptist campgrounds and stoled like 40 cars from the new car dealerships.
      Please pray for Siloam to heal back to cleanliness.

      • anonymous

        You have a few screws loose in your head dude. Sometimes medication helps. You might want to look into getting that checked out.

  • Jessica

    RIP Tim. You will be missed. Instead of making stupid comments about stuff you don’t know, how bout you shut up and pray for his family. He has 4 children and multiple grandchildren who no longer have their daddy/granddaddy anymore. They have no answers yet and are hurting so much. Grew up with this family and he didn’t deserve to be murdered!!!!

  • Beyond Pissed Off

    RIP. TIM,
    Although I hardly got to know you, I feel like I knew you forever, due to your outgoing and very loving family, and the short time I was lucky enough to spend with you! We won’t sit idle until we get the answers! Rest now with your brother Jay ! Prayers to your family and friends!!

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