Fayetteville Police Respond To Multiple Break-In Calls Morning After Christmas

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) - The Fayetteville Police Department responded to 20 calls of break-ins Friday morning (Dec. 26), according to the department's online call log.

Police said unlocked vehicles on several streets were broken into, but they said no one was injured in the incidents. They said the calls began at 3:56 a.m. and continued through 7:46 a.m. To see a list of the homes affected, click the image below.

breaking and entering call log

Linda Cotterman lives on Woolsey Avenue, and said someone broke into her car around 6:45 a.m. She said it couldn't have come at a worse time.

"It's very disheartening," she said. "It was just in disarray. They took a lot of stuff out of the console and the glove box was open."

Cotterman said she lost her husband to lung cancer three weeks ago and is worried about his blank checks, which were stolen out of her car.

"The bank put an alert on our account so if any checks come through they can check the signatures on them," Cotterman said.

Scott Caldwell lives on Greenvalley Avenue, one of the streets where cars were broken into. He said he thinks the suspects are teenagers.

"There was a bunch of car trash out in the middle of the street," Caldwell said. "I talked to a neighbor down the street. [The suspects] had just gone car to car and whatever they found they were just running down the street and letting it go. Hair clips and receipts and stuff like that."

Of the 20 breaking-and-entering calls made Friday morning, 16 of them were concentrated on the east side of North Gregg Avenue in a neighborhood that includes North Woolsey Avenue, West Miller Street, North Yates Avenue, West Poplar Street and North Greenvalley Avenue, according to the police call log.

Map of breaking-and-entering calls made Friday morning (Courtesy: Google Maps)

Map of breaking-and-entering calls made Friday morning (Courtesy: Google Maps)

The other four breaking-and-entering calls made Friday morning came from residences on the west side North Gregg Avenue, according to the police call log. Three of them came from North Janice Avenue and one was made from West Sycamore Street, the log shows.

Map of breaking-and-entering calls made Friday morning (Courtesy: Google Maps)

Map of breaking-and-entering calls made Friday morning (Courtesy: Google Maps)


  • Kelly Scott Fibromyalgia 69

    This is Obama’s sins.

    He has angered God and satin is running wild in our city. We must drop to our knees in prayer and cry out for his mercy and forgiveness. Obama has killed millions of Americans with the affordable care act and satin is slaughtering childrenchildren left and right. Look at the family of 5 killed yesterday in Indiana in a car crash. This was because the affordable care act.

  • William

    Sounds like the Fayetteville Police Department might want to try some proactive patrolling instead of sitting in parking lots between calls and stop making traffic enforcement a big priority. Go catch some criminals!

    • john heinkel

      This is a sad truth. They know the problem areas well and a vast majority of the people causing said trouble but instead of being proactive they’re assigned to razorback games, rich people’s interest and speeding tickets. I see them parked talking all the time in empty lots at night rather than patrolling. I’m sure they have some “official” version of their gossip sessions being relevant to their actual job but I also have a cure for cancer I’m hiding in my wallet.

  • Darin

    If these are teens that done this then the parents needs to be brought up on charges too when they teens are caught. Why do parent let their kids run around at all hours of the night?

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