Fort Smith Police Arrest EZ Mart Armed Robbery Suspect

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) – The Fort Smith Police Department arrested a suspect thought to be behind the Christmas Eve robbery of an EZ Mart convenience store, authorities say.

The robbery took place at 3:34 a.m. at 8401 Highway 271 South in Fort Smith, police said. The clerk told authorities that he had been robbed by a man with a gun, according to police.

After multiple tips were received from the public, a 17-year-old male was interviewed and arrested on Dec. 24 on suspicion of aggravated robbery, according to a news release. Due to the suspect being a minor, his name and photograph were not released.

Authorities arrived at the store soon after the clerk called 911. They found the clerk inside the freezer, according to police.

The clerk told police the robber put a gun to his head and forced him to the ground. After that, the suspect forced the clerk to empty the cash register, get money from the drop safe and go into the freezer, police said.

Before leaving, the suspect also stole some Marlboro Red cigarettes, according to police.


    • unbelievable

      I agree. If he thinks he’s a man because he can use a gun to rob a store he can be treated like an adult I would like to know if he lives in the area close to the store. I live over here and we have a bunch of teenage thugs that run around the houses all the time. We have a lot of car’s broken into and even some houses and they think it’s these teenagers. Their parents should be locked up first. They should know where their kids are at midnight and later.

    • Get Real

      Agree Alex. The stupidest sign ever is No Firearms Allowed, and whoever is responsible for putting it up is just as stupid. I guess he didn’t read the “No Firearms Allowed” sign. Hopefully, this “juvenile” will learn his lesson before he runs into someone with a firearm who puts an end to his life. Glad he was caught.

      • Alex

        in Arkansas, a sign that simply says “No Firearms Allowed” is not a “legal” sign, but simply a private property suggestion. It must be verbatim to the Arkansas state law to prohibit firearms

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