Official: Three-Year-Old In Medically-Induced Coma After Dogs Attack Her

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SMACKOVER, Ark. (KTHV) – A toddler was reportedly taken to a hospital after a dog attack Tuesday evening in Smackover on W. 7th Street.

According to Chief Michael Fife with Smackover police, a woman was moving in with two elderly men to help take care of them. She reportedly opened a door inside the house, and three pit bull-mixed dogs ran out, and onto the front porch. They are said to have then attacked the woman’s daughter, a 3-year-old.

Chief Fife said the girl was flown to Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock, and as of Wednesday morning, she was listed as being in stable, but critical condition after undergoing surgery.

On Friday, Charles Hartsell with El Dorado Animal Control told THV11 that the toddler is in a medically induced coma. Officials at Arkansas Children’s Hospital were unable to comment on the situation.

Five adult dogs and nine puppies were reportedly confiscated. The three who attacked the child are reportedly being euthanized. Chief Fife said a man named Michael Eugene Sikes was arrested for three counts of vicious dogs at large.

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  • unbelievable

    Why is it we only hear about this stuff if Pits are involved. I’m not a fan of Pits but a little girl was bitten in the face a little over a week ago and flown to childrens hospital for surgery and it wasn’t a pit that bit her but we never heard a word about it on the news and it happened at Chester

    • lee77

      Because 9 times out of 10, pits ARE “involved.” Forty-three people in the US have been murdered by dogs so far this year and pit bulls killed at least 35 of them. Additionally, pit bulls have mutilated, scalped, eviscerated and otherwise seriously injured hundreds of others — mostly young children. Pit bulls are so strong and tenacious that a single dog can take down and kill a horse! Nevertheless, serious attacks by other breeds are actually more widely-publicized than those by pit bulls because they are rare. The most widely-reported dog attacks in the US in recent years were the baby in South Carolina killed, and partially eaten, by a golden retriever-mix; a newborn in Pennsylvania murdered by a husky; and a 1-year-old in Nevada shaken to death by a big, ugly mastiff-Rhodesian ridgeback-mix. The most publicized dog attacks in Great Britain in recent years were a newborn murdered by a Jack Russell terrier in December 2012, and a newborn in Wales whose head was bitten off by an Alaskan malamute earlier this year.

      • Amanda

        If you look up pits they were used in houses all over they were called the “nani dog” they were used to watch kids. Not all attacks involve pits that’s all u ever hear about.i can’t stand these stories and stupid people like u that want to dis pits. I hear more or little dogs attacks but the number one dog to attack is the German Shepherd they are not news 5 news cuz they are used by police but what’s funny police are starting to use the pit be cuz the are a loyal dog. And did you ever watch little rascals yea their dog was a pit bet u didn’t know that.

      • Mary Ann Redfern (@Carlaumol)

        Pit bulls, bred over 200 years ago in England for fighting in coal pits in Staffordshire, were NEVER intended to be used as companion animals. They were not bred to be herding dogs, hunting dogs, guarding dogs, vermin dogs or companion dogs. They were bred for fighting in PITS, dog against dog. The pit bully idiots would have you believe the myth that pit bulls were “nanny” dogs. This is a myth that is getting dozens of children maimed and killed across the USA each year. STOP IT. Christmas day an owner was KILLED by HIS “pet” pit of eight years. He is currently in the morgue because he bought the lie that pits are good pets. If you keep a pit bull In your home, and especially if you have children, you are gambling with your own and their lives.

      • unbelievable

        Read what you wrote “THE MOST WIDELY REPORTED” !!!!! You never hear about the other dogs that attack. I had to quit walking on the street behind my house because there are two chihuahua’s that attack any dog or person that walks by there. Animal control has been out over and over and over but you never hear about the little dogs that bite half the face off a child

  • Amber

    They obviously don’t know breeds of dogs! These are not pitbull mixes! These are BOXER mixes. NOT PITBULLS! Learn the breeds of dogs and don’t just freakin’ call them pitbulls just because they are the dogs with the worst reputation…. I doubt this would of even been on the news if they wouldn’t have called them pitbull mixes…. I have 2 pitbulls, i’ve seen just about, if not all, of every different types of pitbulls and THOSE DOGS ARE BOXER MIXES, NOT PITBULL MIXES!! Idiots!

    • lee77

      @Amber: YOU obviously “don’t know breeds of dogs!” The dog in the photo does not have any “boxer” in it. Anyone who isn’t totally blind can see the dog is clearly a Beagle-pit bull-mix. Furthermore, this would have “been on the news,” no matter what the dogs’ breeds. I hope you don’t expect anyone to take YOUR word that you “have 2 pitbulls,” because if you think these dogs are “boxer mixes,” most likely, your “pitbulls” are Lab-mixes or some other big-headed mutts you’ve misidentified as pit bulls.

      • Amber

        If you would read a little farther at the comment i posted right after that one I said Beagle/Boxer… You’re not much brighter then they are if you think these dogs have pit bull in them.. I have a pit bull mix and two full blooded pits and these dogs do not have pit in them what so ever… Even previous owners commented on their local news station stating that they have no pit bull in them but may have boxer…… No matter what the dog though i really hope this little girl recovers and everythings okay with her!

    • Miranda

      We have TWO half pit, half American bulldog, dogs. They’re almost 2 years old and have had them since they were 5 weeks! It is NOT THE BREED WHATSOEVER! It’s all in how they are RAISED! My dogs may look “vicious” to outsiders but to my family, (4 kids & and 5th on the way) they are the SWEETEST, MOST LOVING BIG BABIES EVER! We also have an 8 yr old full blood boxer that my husband has had since she was 4 weeks old. She is protective of our children, as are the boys (pits)! I wouldn’t trade ANY of my 3 dogs for any other kind of animal! They are part of our family, like 3 more children. That poor baby girl will for sure be in our prayers! I hope she recovers quickly with no long term damage. And I’m glad they’re putting the dogs down! It’s sad for them as well that they were obviously neglected and abused and never had a chance to be treated the right way and now it’s too late.

    • Larry

      Ambur, the reason you only hear about Pitbulls mauling little innocent children is that they are the ones doing it.

      • Amber

        & that’s where everyone is wrong.. almost every single dog attack that has made it on the news has been other types of dogs but news casters and police labeling them as a pit…. as far as everyone else hating on pit bulls and thinking that these dogs are pit bulls, I know of more “muts” (lab/blue heeler/red heeler/beagle/german shepard, ect. mixes) that have attacked more people and that have tried attacking me personally.. I have never had a pit bull try to attack me.. Pit bulls are not just born mean. The owners have to raise them to be like that an mistreat them, just like any other breed. If you want a fighting dog you can take any kind of dog out there even the tiny little house dogs and make them into mean, fighting dogs… So it’s the owners who raise the dogs who make them mean.. both my full blooded pits are ABDA registered and the most loving/friendliest dogs I have every owned.

  • Brett Hogg

    Amber. Pits are ~5% of the dog population and cause almost 70% of serious dog attack injuries including death. This is why it SEEMS pits get singled out. Pits are the #1 culprit by a wide margin.

  • Deathippy

    I find it disturbing that the only setiments on this thread are about what kind of dogs they were. I hope this little girl pulls through and I am glad they put down those mutts, whatever they were.

  • REALLY!!!!

    Why doesn’t 5 news say Beagle mix????? Oh I know, it doesn’t fit their B.S. agenda. I’m surprised they didn’t say the dogs were armed and racist.

  • Hellen McCoy

    How do any of you know the dog in the photo is the only one that attacked the little girl?
    They said THREE (3) dogs attacked her..It only shows one pic of one of the dogs! So why are ya’ll even arguing over ONE picture?

    “3 dogs ran out a pit bull-mixes and attacked the girl”!
    Well Im guessing “3 dogs pit bull-mixes ” means that 3 dogs attacked the girl ,1 were a pit bull mixed in with the other 2 dogs.
    Id like to see all 3 pictures of the dogs and not the same pic.

  • atc8824

    I have to agree that these dogs are NOT Pit Bull mix they are Boxer mix look at the droopy eyes.I was bit in the face by a Lab mix and went to hospital ,no news crews.So why was the mom moving her and her toddler in with 2 elderly men?Just wandering?

  • Floyd

    Having a small child left around a true pit bull dog is like leaving them unattended with a loaded weapon! Just waiting for a tragedy to happen!

  • REALLY!!!!

    I wish I could conduct a survey of the people commenting on this particular article. I would ask, out of all of the people that post comments AGAINST pit bulls, how many of you would say it’s wrong if anyone says blacks commit most of the crime? I say “I wish” because instead of straight, to the point answers that would result in usable information, I would probably get a deluge of “You’re racist for asking that” responses.

  • Patricia

    Why was the woman moving her 3 year old into a home with several grown shabby looking men who would have probably abused the child themselves ?!?!? People don’t think with common sense anymore.

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