Police Arrest Man Suspected In Aggravated Assault Case

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) – A man was booked into jail Friday (Dec. 26) after police say he was involved in an aggravated assault case.

Julio Gonzales, 36, of Fayetteville was booked into the Washington County Detention Center at 6:21 a.m. He faces several charges, including aggravated assault, possession of drug paraphernalia and fleeing, according to the jail’s intake report.

Authorities responded to a call around 10:30 p.m. on Dec. 25 of shots fired at Washington Plaza Apartments at 1750 N. Shamblin Ave. in Fayetteville, according to an arrest report.

An officer arrived and saw a van drive away from the apartments at a high rate of speed, the report states. The van later crashed into a tree on Valley View Road in Fayetteville, and the driver fled, police said.

Police returned to Washington Plaza Apartments, and an officer was approached by a woman named Stormy Lane who said her husband, Gonzales, was the driver of the van, the report states. She said someone had shot at their van while they were in Springdale, and they were followed by two vehicles, according to the report. She said a man pulled a gun on them while they were in the van in the apartment parking lot, and Gonzales was trying to get away, the report states.

A witness told police the only vehicles involved in the incident were a white sport utility vehicle and the van, according to the report.

The SUV was still in the parking lot, but it had no license plate. An officer found damage on the front bumper of the SUV, the hood and down the driver’s side door, the report states.

The owner of the SUV was later found in a nearby apartment, and the arrest report states he was nervous to come out, asking, “Are they gone?” He told police he was at the apartments visiting a friend, and a Hispanic man with face tattoos walked up to him (while he was in the SUV) and pointed a gun at him, according to the report.

He leaned back in the seat, fearing he was about to be shot, and he managed to back his SUV into another parking space, the report states.

The Hispanic man, later identified as Gonzales, then got into a van and hit the SUV’s front bumper, trapping it, according to the report. The owner of the SUV then got out and ran into his friend’s nearby apartment, police said.

Gonzales fled the area in the van before police could arrive and stop him, according to the arrest report. He then crashed the van into a tree on Valley View Road, police said.

After the crash, police searched the van and found a baseball bat and a methamphetamine pipe, according to the report.

The van was later determined to have been stolen from the Whisler Mobile Home & RV Park at 1101 S. Old Missouri Rd. in Springdale, police said.

Gonzales was arrested on Dec. 26, and he is being held on a $225,000 bond, according to police. His next hearing is scheduled for Dec. 29 at 7:45 a.m., according to jail records.

Gonzales has been arrested before in a Fayetteville armed robbery case dating back to March.


  • Kelly Scott Fibromyalgia 69

    Figures, trailer park trash. The sooner cities condemn and get rid of these rat infested trailer parks, the sooner the rat trash will leave and crime will go way down. Every criminal either lives in a trailer, or has immediate family that lives in a trailer or section 8 housing. Get rid of both and crime will bottom out.

  • Ishmail Dentor

    This piece of trash has Mexican gang tattoos, etc. Jail is not a bother to him. Deporting him wouldn’t do any good as he would just walk back. A wall and a well placed piece of lead would do us all a world of good. He will be let out on bond and probably end up killing someone. My solution is would prevent such an act.

  • Jess Miller

    Why so many posts full of hate?
    Do you know if he is a Puerto Rican (they are U.S. citizens)? or someone with green card? TPS? D.E.D? Asylum? or a cuban with the “wet feet dry feet law”?…..so as soon as you see his hispanic last name you assume the person is undocumented?, how come?
    Do you know Hernando de Soto discovered Arkansas, the Mississippi river and most of the midwest? or your first grade teacher told you the Pilgrims AKA: Puritans (they were felons as per british law by the way) were the first humans to arrive to America?, do you know Spain owned and operated North America hundred of years before the arrival of the criminal Pilgrims?, you people should read real History.

    • arnold fudpucker

      Jess ol buddy you need to wake up and look around you and see what is happening. These criminals threaten our very way of life and you try to defend them????

  • Mel

    You should invite him to your home for a New Year’s Eve toast. I am sure he will be out of jail by then. I wouldn’t try to give him a history lesson though – I don’t think history is his thing.

  • frafddjisacwb4life

    The. Man is from right here in northwest Arkansas for most of his life farm raised with values and morals that a lot of people around here don’t have he is a father to a local young lady who excels in Fayetteville’s school system . for all of you that have passed judgment on him shame on you ! This is the perfect example of a man forced to be a product of his society. Sent to prison at a very young age forced to join a gang inside then turned on by society after serving his time ….God loves us all the same

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