Some Shoppers Return Gifts In The River Valley

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- Stores across Fort Smith have been packed with shoppers this weekend returning or exchanging unwanted Christmas gifts.

While many department stores are packed with shoppers returning gifts and swiping gift cards, many local shops say they will only do exchanges or give store credit.

Charlotte Ramsey stopped by Brick City Emporium today to make a quick exchange.

"I got this for a Christmas gift and I just needed to exchange it or get something that matches it," Ramsey said.

Employee Brooke Rose said shopping at local stores during the holidays is a more calm experience than stepping into a department store.

"It's more personal when you come to a local shop. We're able to help you more. We're out there on the floor, helping you decide. Or when you get up here and you decide you don't want it --  we take care of you.” Rose said.

"The mall is really busy, but local stores like this [aren’t] busy so I came by here,” Ramsey said.

Meanwhile at Unique Boutique, co-owner Richard Holland said no one has returned any items since Christmas, but the store does have an exchange policy.

"We take back their product and either give them a gift card or they exchange it for whatever they want to buy at that point,” Holland said.

But not everyone was exchanging items Sunday.

"I didn't really need to make any exchanges -- I just kind of wanted to see if there were any last-minute deals,” Grace Crow said.