Nearly One Dozen Local Trailers Stolen

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) – At least 11 trailers have been stolen over a period of several weeks, according to Fort Smith police.

Fort Smith police said the trailers were stolen between November 17th and this past Sunday (Dec. 28).

Police said they don't know what's happening to them after their taken.

Sgt. Daniel Grubbs with the Fort Smith Police Department said there is one thing trailer owners can do in advance to help recover a trailer if it is ever stolen.

“In a very inconspicuous place that only you, the owner, would know -- to make an identifiable mark,” Grubbs said.

The utility, flatbed and livestock trailers that were stolen vary in size from six to 16 feet.

If you have any information on the stolen trailers call Fort Smith police or River Valley Crimestoppers at 7-8 CRIME.

Locations of reported thefts:

November 17th – Zero Street & Massard Road
November 25th – 5500 block of Massard Road
November 30th – 3100 block of McKinley Avenue
December 1st – 8100 block of Massard Road
December 2nd – 3000 block of South 100th Street
December 4th - 4700 block of Rogers Avenue
December 9th - 6000 block of Zero Street
December 13th - 8200 block of Mark Lane
December 20th – 5400 block of South 28th Street
December 22nd - South 28th & Xavier Street
December 28th – 7700 block of Chaffee Boulevard

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  • unbelievable

    Trailer theft has always been a problem. Most of the time they sell then to some farmer who won’t be pulling them on the highway or they scrap them out. Some have even altered them and gotten a title by saying it was home made.

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