Greenwood Withdraws Possible Annexation Plans

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GREENWOOD (KFSM) – The city of Greenwood will not immediately move forward with a potential plan to annex parts of a nearby unincorporated area without a public vote, the city attorney said during Monday night’s City Council meeting.

City attorney Michael Hamby withdrew a possible plan to annex two tracts of land into the city, which would have included Valley Loop and its 20 households. City officials said the two tracts of land are eligible for annexation by the city without a public vote because they are surrounded by city land.

(The two pieces of land are marked “E” and “F” in the initial annexation plan map)

Greenwood Mayor Doug Kinslow said the city attorney was scheduled at the meeting to discuss the possibility of annexing the two pieces of land without a public vote. He expected the measure to be tabled. Hamby ended up addressing the issue and withdrawing the potential plan.

City officials said a piece of the Valley Loop land slated for possible annexation is still in litigation, and the city must wait to see the outcome before deciding on annexation. City administrators said they still may visit the possibility of annexation in the future.

An original annexation plan including eight areas of land was set for a public vote last November, but was stricken from the ballot by a judge because of pending lawsuits against the city. The lawsuits accused Hamby of breaking Freedom of Information Act laws by meeting with some city council members last year privately concerning the annexation issue. All meetings between city council members must occur in public. Otherwise, they may break open meetings laws, according to state law.

The largest tract of land included in the original annexation plan was the Shadow Lake area and its 125 households. That area cannot be annexed without a public vote because it is not surrounded on all sides by city land, officials said.


  • Sean

    Michael Hamby is a criminal who only withdrew this petition to avoid charges of defrauding the state of Arkansas.

    Further don’t let that guy within a half mile of your kids.

    Greenwood will continue to suffer Hamby related embarrassment for as long as they allow it.

  • Sean

    I would love to hear Greenwood Ciry Attorney Mike Hamby’s explanation for ignoring child abuse claims reported to him, then later testifying on behalf of the previously ignored complainant.

    Family values right Mikey? What a joke right along with his employer, the city of Greenwood.

  • Sean

    The only question remaining surrounding the corrupt and deceitful Michael Hamby (the 7th husband of genia hamby) is whether or not those (supposedly) in charge ie Mayor Doug Kinslow and Sebastian county judges are really stupid enough to fall for Hamby’s act, or if they’re just happy Hamby will cover up their dirt for them. In other words…Kinslow every day you allow Hamby to get away with his corruption just means you support his corruption. Dirty Hamby isn’t hiding from you, he’s doing it right in front of you and getting caught. Any denial of knowledge won’t cut it here, and the fine people of greenwood don’t want that kind of filth associated with their city.

  • not the mama

    How can there be a fair vote, when there are thousands of voters in Greenwood, and maybe a hundred in the concerned area, now that’s democracy for you!

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