Naked California Woman Gets Stuck In Chimney

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Courtesy: CBS News

CBS News – Things went from ho, ho, ho to no, no, no for a California woman who tried to climb down the chimney of her estranged boyfriend’s home, only to end up getting stuck and needing to be rescued, according to the Riverside County Fire Department.

Oh, and did we mention she was naked when she was finally freed?

CBS Los Angeles reports that homeowner Tony Hernandez said the woman, who is the mother of his three children, had tried to open the door of his home around 5 a.m. Saturday. When she found it locked she climbed to the roof and tried to get in through the chimney — which is when she got wedged inside the 12-by-12-inch structure.

Apparently, she had removed her clothes to aid her descent.

Hernandez said he awoke to her cries for help and tried to get her out with an extension cord: “She said, ‘I’m trapped in the chimney.’ So I tried to get her out but it was too hard,” reports the station.

Firefighters were called, and helped free the woman after a two-hour operation that required breaking open the fireplace.

According to CBS Los Angeles, the woman, whose identity has not been released, was taken to a hospital with minor to moderate injuries.

And probably, major embarrassment.

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  • pocket trout

    A few years back a different woman in Cali tried the same thing and got stuck in the chimney. Nobody was home, nobody heard her cries for help. About 2 weeks later the resident tried to find the source of a “bad smell” and found pools of puss and bodily fluids in the fireplace which led to her rotting carcass.

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