Protecting Property In Freezing Temperatures

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)- People across the River Valley and Northwest Arkansas are preparing for temperatures to drop below freezing and stay there.

Michelle Cernak works for Westark Plumbing in Fort Smith.

“If you're not home and you do have a leak you are going to have a water park in your house when you get home,” Cernak said.

Cernak said she sees about 10 customers a week with frozen pipes when temperatures drop below freezing.

“Some people are panicking a little too soon,” Cernak said. “Keep the cabinets open, let the air and heat flow. Keep a steady drip of water, hot and cold sides. When it freezes there`s nothing you can do until it thaws out.”

But It's not just pipes that freeze. Experts say your plants could be at risk too.

“If you've got plants that are in containers, doesn't matter what size container," said Kevin Cooper, a plant expert. "[You] might want to move those to a sheltered area."

Cooper has been working with plants since he was 15.

"If the root system freezes completely you are going to have some problems," Cooper said. "If you've got camellias out they are blooming now. You could throw a sheet over them don't ever put plastic on them because that plastic is just going to freeze."

Experts also recommend being extra careful with pets during freezing temperatures.